Mike Diamanti's Wantlist

Mike Diamanti's Wantlist

To contact Mike Diamanti, send email to islandcoffeeman@gmail.com


Any Seattle Pilot's material, especially advertising.

Any old baseball advertising, this stuff will help fill out the 'type' card wall.

Any Coffee-related advertising, promos, etc.

1950 Bowman

1950 Bowman FB
Finished -- love the set.

1955 Bowman
Finished, great set.

1957 Topps FB


Any N224 Kinney military cards
Any N85 Postage Stamp cards
Any T79 Military (Fez or Tolstoi) cards
Any T58 Fish cards

And a special thanks to Lorin Anderson, Bill List, Ron Kingsbury, Lynn Miller, Grant Rainsley, Brian Lindholme, St. Al, Dave Fallen, Todd Knowles, Steve Rittenberg, and Spike Glidden. These guys and many others have demonstrated by actions, not words, the meaning of the true OBC Spirit! And thanks to every OBCer that has ever sent me a card.
You guys are the BEST!
Mike Diamanti

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