OBC Advisory Committee
OBCAC Rosters

Current OBCAC

OBCAC: Larry Tipton, Mike Rich, Steve Rittenberg, Taylor Schock, Brian Betza, Mac Wubben, Mark Talbot
Facilitator: Sal Domino
Alternate: Andy Cook
Elections: Peter Mead

2021 OBCAC

OBCAC: Ken Morganti, Larry Tipton, Mike Glasser, Steve Rittenberg, Sal Domino, Bob Donaldson, Mike Rumley-Wells
Facilitator: Mark Talbot
Alternate: Brian Lindholme
Elections: Peter Mead

2020 OBCAC

OBCAC: Andy Cook, Sal Domino, Mike Glasser, Ken Morganti, Mike Rich, Taylor Schock, Mark Talbot, Joshua Levine
Facilitator: Wayne Delia
Alternate: Brian Betza
Elections: Spike Glidden

2019 OBCAC

OBCAC: Wayne Delia, Aaron Shirley, Mike Rumley-Wells, Mike Rich, Bob Donaldson, Mark Talbot, Taylor Schock
Facilitator: Tom Housley
Alternate: Taylor Schock
Elections: Mark Zentkovich

2018 OBCAC

OBCAC: Wayne Delia, Sal Domino, Spike Glidden, Peter Mead, Ken Morganti, Wes Shepard, Mac Wubben, Mike Rich
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: Tom Housley
Elections: Mark Holland

2017 OBCAC

OBCAC: Sal Domino, Joel Freedman, Spike Glidden, Ken Morganti, Nick Pelletier, Mike Rich, Wes Shepard
Facilitator: Aaron Shirley
Alternate: Grant Rainsley
Elections: Joe Isaac

2016 OBCAC

OBCAC: Brian Betza, Joel Freedman, Grant Rainsley, Steve Rittenberg, Wes Shepard, Aaron Shirley, John Stamper
Facilitator: Tom Housley
Alternate: Don Rice
Elections: Joe Isaac

2015 OBCAC

OBCAC: Bob Donaldson, Kent Goto, Larry Tipton, Mark Talbot, Spike Glidden, Peter Mead, Sal Domino
Facilitator: Tom Housley
Alternate: Brian Betza
Elections: Mark Holland

2014 OBCAC

OBCAC: Andy Cook, Bob Donaldson, Peter Mead, Don Rice, John Stamper, Mark Talbot, Larry Tipton
Facilitator: Tom Housley
Alternate: Rich Niessen

2013 OBCAC

OBCAC: Geordie Calvert, Tom Housley, Ken Morganti, John Stamper, George Vrechek, Geno Wagner, Mac Wubben
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: Rich Niessen
Elections: Joe Isaac

2012 OBCAC

OBCAC: Glenn Codere, Tom Housley, Ken Morganti, TJ Valacak, George Vrechek, Geno Wagner, Mac Wubben
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: John Stamper
Elections: Andy Cook

2011 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mac Wubben, George Vrechek, Mike Rich, Ken Morganti, Tom Housley, Mike Diamanti, Glenn Codere
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: Rob Gioia
Elections: Geno Wagner

2010 OBCAC

OBCAC: Spike Glidden, Glenn Codere, Mike Rich, Mac Wubben, Ken Morganti, Peter Mead, Mark Talbot
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: George Vrechek
Elections: Ant Arbeeny

2009 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mac Wubben, Geno Wagner, Mark Talbot, Mike Rich, Peter Mead, Mark Holland, Larry Gersbach
Facilitator: Joe Isaac

2008 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mac Wubben, Geno Wagner, Mark Talbot, Mike Rich, Joshua Levine, Wayne Delia, Andy Cook
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: Gary Mandell
Elections: Pat Wattigny

2007 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mark Talbot, Steve Rittenberg, Mike Rich, Ken Morganti, Spike Glidden, Wayne Delia, Andy Cook
Facilitator: Joe Isaac
Alternate: Larry Gersbach
Elections: Gary Mandell

2006 OBCAC

OBCAC: Grant Rainsley, Ken Morganti, John Harrell, Kent Goto, Spike Glidden, Larry Gersbach, Bob Donaldson
Facilitator: Geno Wagner

2005 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mike Rich, Ken Morganti, Brian Lindholme, Doug Smith, John Harrell, Spike Glidden, Bob Donaldson
Facilitator: Geno Wagner
Alternate: Jim Hatch

2004 OBCAC

OBCAC: Mike Wierzbicki, Doug Smith, Ken Morganti, Brian Lindholme, Joshua Levine, Jim Hatch, Bob Donaldson
Facilitator: Geno Wagner
Alternate: Terry Dietrich

2003 OBCAC

OBCAC: Spike Glidden, Doug Smith, Steve Rittenberg, Ken Morganti, Howard Morgan, David Kolenda, Bob D'Angelo
Facilitator: Mike Hair

2002 OBCAC

OBCAC: Bob D'Angelo, David Kolenda, Howard Morgan, Ken Morganti, Steve Rittenberg, Doug Smith, Geno Wagner
Facilitator: Mike Hair
Alternate: Spike Glidden

2001 OBCAC

OBCAC: Lorin Anderson, David Kolenda, Peter Iverson, Geno Wagner, Doug Smith, John Harrell, Bob D'Angelo
Facilitator: Wayne Delia

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