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Sons of Sam Horn - dedicated to all things Red Sox
Yankees Archives
Baseball Hall of Fame
The Negro Leagues
SABR - The Society for American Baseball Research
Major League Baseball
RetroSheet - everything you ever wanted to know about baseball
Baseball Scorebook - Use your computer to keep your scorebook
Half Rubber - "You can't have a better day at the beach"
Ebbets Field - A must see tribute for any fan of "'dem bums".
Baseball Reference - THE site for stats of all shapes and sizes!
Baseball Almanac

Baseball Card Links

Pete D'Luhosch: 1951 Bowmans Article
Library of Congress Baseball Cards: 1887 - 1914
The T206 Museum - Everything T206
The Virtual Card Collection - A cool site with online sets galore!

Baseball Card Trading Groups

Vintage Card Traders (VCT) - A trading group for collectors of pre-1980 sports cards.
O-Pee-Chee Central (OPCC) - An informal group for collectors of vintage OPC baseball cards to swap and make group purchases.

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