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Hi gang, It's been too long since I posted one of these. Part of the problem was that the emails I was trying to copy were on an old computer. It's pretty much completely useless and obsolete, as there's no browser on it that will connect to any of the web pages (security certificates, javascript errors, etc.) I was finally able to cut and paste a few (from AOL version 2.7 !!) via a text editor and a flash drive to get it over to my current laptop. I'll let the emails speak for themselves. The first one is from Kevin Lohse with an update on his health, forwarded by Sal Domino, where he presented one of the ideas. We had another Stan Hack project going on at the same time where we finished his 1975 Topps set in a weekend. We even sent out the updated list with the TIME on it. Then we mailed cards from all over the country and they all happened to converge at the post office on the same day. The last two emails are from Kevin Lohse and his reactions to what is still one of the all time highlights of my membership in OBC. Even 25 years later, I still get choked up reading these. RIP Kevin. Thanks for reading, Ken M

Kevin Lohse email from Ken

Kevin Lohse email from Sal

The masked man is Ed Pike, and thanks to him, many of the rest of us are masked men. The year 2020 was rough on everybody, including many of us in OBC. During lockdowns and sheltering in place, some of us kept our sanity by getting more involved with our baseball card collections. Ed arranged to acquire and distribute many dozens of face coverings with the OBC logo front and center, in a large-scale instance of what we call "RAOK" - Random Acts of Kindness. Ed's generosity combined a prudent social safety measure with a positive marketing message for OBC.

One of the core principals of OBC is that we believe the group is, "It is not just about the cards". In November, 2017 my mother passed away. My mother was the one who first got me interested in collecting baseball cards. I was blown away when a number of OBCers got together for a Stan Hack (an anonymous gift) to send me an E card for my collection to let me know they supported me during that tough time. Additionally, Jerry Barnes, an OBCer who lives 4 hours away in the Dayton, OH area drove up to the metro-Detroit area on the day of my mother's funeral. He just wanted to show his personal support. Jerry could not even stay for the funeral as he had to get back for a shift as a Police Officer. So he made an 8 hour trip to see me for 5 minutes. While Jerry was not the only OBCer who attended the funeral (Mark Talbot did as well), that sacrifice and the card received showed me the level of support OBCers have for each other.
A truly grateful,
Mike Rich

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