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1952 Topps 307 Campos black star at bottom back
1952 Topps 307 Campos incomplete black border front
1954 Topps 20 Spahn no red or black ink back
1954 Topps 25 Kuenn no red or black ink back
1954 Topps 42 Mueller no red or black ink back
1955 Topps 40 Hoak green colors on back messed up back
1955 Topps 177 Robertson partial red line between stats back
1956 Topps FB NNO Contest Card C
1956 Topps FB 61 Redskins dot before 1942 back
1956 Topps 108 Pepper yellow blob on front by foot front
1956 Topps 108 Pepper yellow blob on front by ear front
1956 Topps 240 Ford thin blue line above name front
1956 Topps 321 Konstanty incomplete boxes around stats back
1957 Topps 85 Kuchs floating 8 on back in number block back
1958 Topps 284 Katt top half of 1 in 117 RBI gone back
1958 Topps 419 Schantz white shadow at botoom of logo front
1958 Topps 458 Becquer bat touches top border front
1959 Topps 78 Ramos color different upper left corner front
1959 Topps 178 Amaro yellow blotch under s in shortstop front
1959 Topps 240 Bauer yellow letters in name front
1959 Topps 330 Triandos missing stats under G/AB back
1959 Topps 457 Dodgers #482 is Art Houtteman back
1960 Topps 60 Triandos piece of stat box in upper right gone back
1960 Topps 80 Antonelli missing upper right corner of bio box back
1960 Topps 265 Repulski broken K in name front
1961 Topps 11 Simmons line present between G/IP back
1961 Topps 106 Herzog line present between 2B/3B back
1961 Topps 107 Morehead copyright cut off back
1961 Topps 108 Bobbeck line present between G/IP back
1961 Topps 298 Golden number is 293 back
1961 Topps 492 Fairly green in bottom of baseball back
1962 Topps 441 Checklist 6 yellow boxes due to shift of frame front
1963 Topps 69 Zipfel no inset picture or team name front

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