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80s Topps Hockey [up to date as of 7.19.17]
1980-81 Topps Hockey (scratched) complete!
1980-81 Topps Hockey (unscratched) complete!
1981-82 Topps Hockey complete!
1982-83 Topps Hockey not produced
1983-84 Topps Hockey not produced
1984-85 Topps Hockey - complete!
1985-86 Topps Hockey [1 needed] 9 Lemieux RC
1986-87 Topps Hockey [1 needed] 53 Roy
1987-88 Topps Hockey - complete!
1988-89 Topps Hockey - complete!
1989-90 Topps Hockey - complete!

80s OPC Hockey [up to date as of 7.19.17]
1980-81 thru 1983-84 OPC Hockey - Complete!
1984-85 OPC Hockey - complete!
1985-86 OPC Hockey - complete! [Lemieux is a reprint. :-)]
1986-87 OPC Hockey - complete!
1987-88 OPC Hockey - complete!
1988-89 OPC Hockey - complete!
1989-90 OPC Hockey #2 - complete!

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