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Updated to 3-11-15

I am also interested in most oddball & regionally issued sports sets. * means card needs to be upgraded.
Prewar baseball
Topps and Bowman baseball
Canadian baseball
food issues
other baseball
caps coins, cans and pins list
multi-sport and other sports

1973-74 Allentown Jets CBA BSKB: HAVE: Bruns Card Lehmann Wilburn
1968-74 Basketball Hall of Fame Bookmarks: HAVE: Cann Mokray
1975 Carvel Discs: All I can get, especially: Heard Hudson Lacey Lanier McAdoo Westphal
1976-77 Dell BSKB Flipbooks: Cowens Erving Maravich Walton
1961 Hawks Essex Meats: HAVE: Ferrari McCarthy
1971-72 Fleer Globetrotters BSKB: gray backs: upgrade 3
1974 Fleer BSKB Team Stickers: HAVE Boston Buffalo Chicago
1971-2 Globetrotters Phoenix Candy: Gipson Hillard Robertson, International Unit
Kahns BSKB: HAVE: 1962-63 Bockhorn 1964 Robertson
1971 Mattel BSKB Records: Russell
McDonald's & 7-11 Cups, & other oddball, inserts & regionals, RC Cola BSKB
1971-2 Pacers "Volpe" Drinking Cups: NEED Danilels Keller Mount
1975-6 Phoenix Suns Team Issue: HAVE: Riley Westphal
1973-74? Topps BSKB Logo Stickers: top is a logo the bottom is a pennant. NEED the following for a DUPES set for trade: Denver/Spurs
1977-78 Topps BSKB (Gray Backs): 2 Bibby 29 CL 48 Winters 50 McGinnis 100 Erving

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