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Updated to 6-8-17

I am also interested in most oddball & regionally issued sports sets. * means card needs to be upgraded.
Prewar baseball
Topps and Bowman baseball
Canadian baseball
food issues (this list now contains my completed sets)
other baseball
caps coins, cans and pins list
multi-sport and other sports

1973-74 Allentown Jets CBA BSKB: HAVE: Bruns Card Lehmann Wilburn
1968-74 Basketball Hall of Fame Bookmarks: HAVE: Borgmann Bunn Cann Carlson Hyatt Kurland Mokray Rupp Stagg
1975 Carvel Discs: All I can get, especially: Heard Hudson Lacey Lanier McAdoo Westphal
1976-77 Dell BSKB Flipbooks: NEED: Erving Maravich Walton
1961 Hawks Essex Meats: HAVE: Ferrari McCarthy
Fleer Cocoa Puffs Globetrotters: UPGRADES: 3 5 28
1971-72 Fleer Globetrotters: UPGRADES: GRAY backs: 66; WHITE backs: 31
1974 Fleer BSKB Team Stickers: HAVE Boston Buffalo Chicago
1971-2 Globetrotters Phoenix Candy: NEED: Gipson Hillard Robertson, International Unit
1962-63 Kahns BSKB: HAVE: Bockhorn
1963-64 Kahns BSKB: HAVE: Lucas
1964-65 Kahns BSKB: HAVE: Robertson
1965-66 Kahn's Complete upgrade Embry
1971 Mattel BSKB Records: NEED: Russell
McDonald's & 7-11 Cups, & other oddball, inserts & regionals, RC Cola BSKB
1975-6 Phoenix Suns Team Issue: HAVE: Riley Westphal
1970-71 Supersonics Sunbeam: NEED: Kojis Snyder
1977-78 Topps BSKB (Gray Backs): 50 McGinnis 100 Erving (have white backs to swap of ea.)
1974 Wonder Bread Globetrotters: HAVE 5

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