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1981 T Baseball Stickers:

Set 1: 260 (Jim Bibby All-Star)

Set 2: 247 (Willie Wilson All-Star),260 (Bibby AS)

Set 3: 47,243,245,246,247,251,252,256,259,260,262

1981 Fleer Baseball:

24A- Kevin Saucier Name on front is “Ken”
87A- Graig Nettles Name on back “Craig”
114A- Davy Lopes Small hand on back
120A- Bob Welch Name on back is “Bob”
177A- Rick Dempsey Small hand on front
196- Johnny Bench
202A- George Foster Slugger Number on back 216
342- Britt Burns Small hand on front
419C- Jesse Jefferson Front and Back says “Pirates”
547A- Don Hood says “Pete Vuckovich” on front w/ PV back
574- Rickey Henderson
640B- Mike Schimdt “Home Run King” on front, “640” on back
653A- Willie Wilson Most Hits-Most Runs, "32" on back

1982 T Baseball Stickers:

Set 1: 3,123

Set 2: 3,16,123,132,139,140,150,259

1983 T Baseball Stickers:


1984 F Baseball Star Stickers:

Set 1: 15,18,23,29,35,36,38,48,53,55,66,78,82,92,99,101,119

Set 2: 8,15,16,18,22,23,27,29,35,36,38,48,53,55,58,65,66,72,75,76,78,80,82,89,92,99,101,

2010 Bowman Platinum Baseball


2010 Topps Platinum Football

131 -Brett Favre

1990 Donruss Baseball Set 1- Set Killer from Mark Holland 23 Apr 14.
1990 Donruss Baseball Set 2- Set Killer from Mark Holland 23 Apr 14.

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