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1981 Topps: set completed by OBC's Joe Isaac 2/22/05 checklist card #446!

1982 Topps: my OBC secret Santa put the set to rest on 12/25/05 with two hits!

1983 Topps: set completed in 1983.

1984 Topps: set completed 1997 with $1 Darryl Strawberry card.

1985 Topps: Secret Santa finished off with Hershiser, Gooden and Oscar Gamble 12/25/05!

1986 Topps: set bought in 1986.

1987 Topps: garage sale set bought in 1988.

1988 Topps: Secret Santa finished off with 10 hits on 12/25/05!

1989 Topps: Secret Santa finished off from Omaha, Nebraska with four hits 12/25/05.

1990 Topps: Last card #331 sent in a trade by non-OBC member Johnny Killen 11/14/06!

1991 Topps: House of Maxwell finishes off this set with #353 Tony Castillo on 8/3/06!
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