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Last updated 11/27/17

have some 1981 dondruss wrappers for trade

my Baseball wants:

2005 helmar Extra's for trade:
Ki Ki Culyler
Johnny Evers
J. Crutchfield
Sadayoshi Fujimoto
Tokujin Lida
Darnell Knox

2002 post
If possible in the plastic bag unopen
I need #13frank thomas ,25 Jason Kendall

I have dupes in plastic bag unopened..some have sticky on them
2002 post #2,7,18,28

1991 post #5 Colman

1991 Pepsi grifffeys # 2,3,4, ( dupe-6)

>> > 1989 dondruss rookies#53(vasquel),3(Griffey)
>> > 1991 fleer update
>> > 1989 score rookies and traded #100(Griffey)
1989 upper deck second set#1

>> > > 1991 bowman#255(Griffey),272(Rodriguez),406

1989 fleer
#173- blue target above head

1990 dj southern leauge all-stars
#5(mcrae),11(thomas),13(zosky),29(luis gonzales),31(hunter),44(thomas),46(thomas & connie)

1992 classic 1 with "t" in front of the #'s
#t100 checklist

1994 staduim club sub set"super team card set of 28 and will take stamped ones from the following #'s 1.3,7,19,26 which were the winning teams to mail in and get
the prizes.
they are almost equal looking cards from the base set with the front writing in gold w/ black lettering which says"super team card". the back has a bunch of rules on them instead of stats witht he bottom right having a # to it. need#1,3,9,26
have#,19 ,22 extra
Have dupe of #4 of 12 Ripken express

1994 stadium club rainbow gold set. They look exactly as the regular set except the last name is in gold foil instead of red. 720 in set.Also have a bunch extra to trade with:
(* means In trade) 4 left
need: #539(checklist),540(checklist),547(Bo Jackson),643

1994 upperdeck electric diamonds -Gold backs
#81(Winfield),83(slykle),93(Gomez),137(white),224 (griffey),225(mcgriff),261(Davis)

I have silver dupe#58,68,86,89,97,99,137,1521,184,250 and gold #237,238,187,157,124,123,103,100,84,58

1999 topps big cards
#2ripken ,6jones

2000 upper deck ovation #70

2000 fleer ultra (* means in trade)

For newer Football:

1992 proline profiles inserts
#2 of 9,#6 of 9

1994 action pack mammoth cards set series 1 has 26 but #25 was not issued. Was only 2500 cards made with serial number on back.Need -elway,favre,smith,miller,Cunningham,esiason,Everett,harbaugh,hostetler,Irvin,kingler,koar,mirer,Brister,rypien,


For newer Basketball:

1993-94 Upper Deck All-Star Die-Cut Insert #e4,e6,e9,e10,e11,e12,e13,e14

1993-94 ultra jam city #1,3,4,5,7,9
1996-97 hoops series 1

1997 wheels
#1,4,9,10,15,17,18,28,30,32,34 and up
have some extra#12,13,14,26,27,29,31

non sport wants(interested in all older stuff)********+++++++++++++++++++++

1992 upperdeck football comicball #1,7,16,22,27,28,30,34,36,

1992 sterling country gold cards in exmt

1992 proset beauty & beast #76

1995 fleer ultra xmen alternate x :set done
have these extra's

1995 fleer ulta x-men lethal weapons

1995 fleer ultra spiderman clear chrome
Need #5,10

1995 fleer ultra x limited edition
need #3,4,5,7,9

2006 ink works lost season 2 -#66 have a bunch to trade
2004 angel season five -#17 have a bunch to trade

2012 James Bond 50 anniversary gold set#need all even numbers from series 2. Have series one odd numbers for trade.Have a bunch to trade of odd #'s and regular plain black and white set

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