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Football needs:

1948 football bowman any condition 22 left
#3(lujack RC),7,9,12,15,22(Baugh),24,26(waterfield),33,

1948 leaf football
#1luckman rc,3 turner,12,13 lujack,,17 Washington ,22 van buren ,25,26 waterfield, 34 Baugh ,35,37 Connor ,46,50,51,
52 nomellini rc, 53 conerly,54 bednarik, 55-72,73 Jensen,74-90,91 (hart),92 93 ,94,95,96,97, 98 dimarco rc

1950 bowman (1 left)

1951 topps any condition low grade better 18 left
#2 wade,3,4 parilli ,5,8,10 janowicz,14,16,21,22,33,56,57,58,59,60,70,74,

1955 bowman up to ex- up#7(Gifford),42(Johnson),65,83,85,91,93,95,105,108,119(gatski),123,127,130

1957 upgrade ex up133,113,101,85(lane)

1958 topps# 62(brown)..upgrade#59

1959 topps upgrades to ex

1958 CFL any condition 1 left

1960 fleer upgrades ex#104,116(stram),58(blanda)

1961 fleer any condition 68 left
#3,5,10,32,41merith rc,44,46,48,55,56,62,72,
76,77,88 starr,92,94,100,103,106,112,120,122,124,125,
132,134,137,139,140,141,147,148,150,151,152,153,154,155 kemp,156,157,160 maguire ,162 mix ,166,168,
169,171,173,177,179,184,187,189,190,193,194,195,197 Otto rc,198,199,200,204,205,207,212,214,216,218

1961 topps any condition#(1 left)

1962 topps any condition 8 left
#,17ditka rc (sp),28 brown,36 davis (sp),74(sp),75 packers(sp),88 gaberiel (sp),

1962 post any condition (50 left)

1963 topps fb upgrades to VG/ex#162,107,94,75(parker),2(moote)

1964 topps any condition 55 (left)
#,3,6sp,7sp,9sp,15sp,16sp,17sp,18sp,19sp,28sp,29 gilchrist sp,30 kemp sp,31 lamonica rc,34sp,38sp,,44sp,
46sp,52sp,54,56sp,58sp,64sp,65 Denver sp,68 blanda sp,70sp,
72sp,75sp,90 bell,91sp,92 Buchanan ,96sp,98,106sp,107sp,111sp,114sp,119sp,132sp,139 Flores sp,
140sp,142sp,144sp,145,146sp,147sp,148 Otto sp,150sp,152sp,154sp,155 alworth,160sp,

1965 Philly upgrades VG/VG up#10,41(warfield),46,94,150

1965 topps any condition (*in trade ) 11 left

1965 topps non sp master list for reference(#6,8,9,10,12,13,14,16,20,23,27,29,44,45,54,57,59,73,74,76,79,

Here are my 1967 Milton needs:
#2,13,22,58,71,84,86,87,88,92,95,98(Namath),103(lamonica),106 (Biletnikoff), 110,116,117,121

Have one Milton dupe#130
The two ways to find are on the top or bottom there is a skinny line marking like the 1968 baseball set (burlap) and the back is yellow not orange yellow.

My topps base set needs after pulling the miltons are
My base topps upgrade needs:
1967 topps upgrades VG+

1968 topps upgrades exmt up#27,44,64,80,192,196(griese),127(Butkus)

1969 ex up# 80(checklist),100(Namath),235

1972 fb#266,268,272,275,277,279,281,284,285,289,290,291,292,293,294,297,
315,316,319,326,331,334,338,339,340,341,343 Namath ,347,350

1973 #224 checklist with one *, #358 checklist with**, #498 checklist with *

1974 blank back team card from mail-in : dolphins,raiders

1974 wonder bread(back has a slice of bread top left)#2,6,7,9,10,11,12,13,15,17,18,20,23,24,25,28,29,30


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