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This is the trade page of Anthony Arbeeny.
I have many commons in all grades from 73-79 not listed, AND 1951-1979 FOOTBALL & (looking for 1948,1951,1954,1955,1957,1968,1969,1970,1971-1979),looking for 1969-1977 basketball and ,all for trade . i have a wide range of needs which is below and a list xtras minus the 73-79 cards under the dupes link . I AM MORE INTERESTED IN TRADING 70 and UP cards FOR THE CARDS IN THE 80'S .(non sport) also looking to finish silver surfer COMICS,DAREDEVIL,SUBMARINER as well as cards for osmunds,war gum , green hornet,Crockett,batman and 1977 star wars red & blue series,tex and many more. check out links above for non sport .
. also interested in old non sport cards

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Bad dirty trader:
David Reed Jr.
3403 Marvel Ave.
Titusville FL 32796 (He moved out of his bYrothers apartment) (He changed address)


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Last updated11/26/17


1935 goudey 4-in-1 (r321) any condition
#16 brandt,maranville,mcmanus,babe ruth

1949 bowman any condition 32 left (* means in trade)
100(hodges),109(print on back),127( print on back),149,153,154,158
200,205,211,214(ashburn ),218,219,224(Paige),

1950 bowman any condition (* means in trade)
Need no copyright at bottom#182,183,186,187,188,189,190,191,193,194,197,198,200,
Need copy right on bottom#225,228,251

1951 berk Ross any condition


Bob lemon
Phil rizzuto
Jerry Colman
Don DiMaggio
Richie ashburn
Stan musical
Yogi Berra
Willie June
Mike goliat
Ralph kiner
Billy goodman
Allie reynold
Joe page
Hundy seminick
*Dick sisler
Curt Simmons

Bob cousy
Dick schnittker
Paul unruh
Bill sherman

Ezzard charles
Joe maxim
Sugar ray
Jake la motta
Sammy saddler

Leon hart
Dock walker
Wade walter
Charles justice

Jesse Owens
Harrison Dillard

Ben hogan

Bill quackenbush
Jack Stewart
Sid abel

Dick button

1952 bowman upgrades to vg- no trim #96,160,172,175,183,225,248( missing w in last name front)

1952 topps highs..need all except #329

1952 mothers cookies any condition (32 left) #1,2,4,5,8,14,15,18,20,22,24,25,
26,27,29,32,35,36,37,39,40,41,42,43,44,46,47,53,55,56,58,61 up

1953 topps ....also collecting back variation of white letter or black letter on the bios ....2 base cards left any condition#

1953 topps Back variations of the cards in need
Black back#104(Berra),105,115,122,147

1953 topps White back#62,85,95,96,100,114

1953 topps upgrade to poor-vg ...these cards are badly trimmed wb=white bio and bb=black bio#89 bb,96bb,,103wb,113wb,116bb,139bb,158bb,187,236,238,247,249sp,251sp,277sp

1954 topps any condition Variations: #5 ed lopat orange front color, #13 martin red front color
and upgrades to vg- #59,165, 250(williams)

1954 bowman any condition ( * means in trade)
#66(williams), gremlin #218
Upgrades it VG- #42,54,,82,111,130,140,162,214,215

Variations needs:
140(7-12 w-l 2 strikeouts )
145 martin (.985/983)
163(traded to Cleveland 152 games)
179(44 era)

1955 topps mays and Clemente upgrades

1955 bowman ... Upgrades in vg- condition #228(phillips),299

1955 bowman second set any condition
242(banks),243,245,249,251,252,253,254,255,256,258,260,261,262,265(bar lick),266,269,

1956 topps white back any condition
#110(berra), 113(rizzuto),121(pirates), 127,164(killibrew)

1956 topps grey back #5(williams),1966 dodger team

1957 needs #upgrades to vg- #322

1958 topps upgrades ex- #7,9,15,17,30(Aaron),44,55,59,67,70(kaline),84,98,100(wynn),104,123,
,152,155,167,169,213,221,222,250,288(killebrew),332,397,492,493,488(Aaron) , the mantle

1959 topps variations #240(bauer name in yellow),260(I cut off on front pitcher name)
336(no trade),342(no trade),350(blue back),359(no trade),362(no option),416(no circle on copyright),
457(#482 is Art Houtteman)

1959 topps upgrades to VG and up

1959 topps back variation
Grey backs#212(Aaron/ Mathews),229,243,248

1960 leaf any condition (started by JSG vct/obc) 1 left #125(anderson)

1960 fleer upgrade to ex with no creases please #3(ruth),1

1960 topps upgrades vg
#43,136,200(mays),350(mantle),457,517,576,577(aaron as),578(mantle as)
Variation : #60 missing piece of tan stat box upper right

1960 topps Back variations

1960 topps Grey backs#392,397,418,420,424,431

1960 lake to lake any condition
Aaron,Adcock ,Boone,Burton,Torre,Wiley,Wyatt

1961 fleer VG- condition upgrades#75(Ruth),110,115,123,143,153

1961 topps #447(right hand top corner on front has markings)

1962 post upgrades to vg/vg+ #63,64,81,165

1962 topps upgrades ex #125,140,148,160,175,185,200(mantle),360(Berra),530(Gibson),462,338

1962 topps
green tint needs 8left-
# 115(green tint l ,133( green tint,greyish sky and brown like sleeve),135(green tint,post on right green),160(green tint,l grass),167,
170(green tint, l sky),181( green tint,l sky)

1962 post canadian any condition (75 left)
#1, 7,10, 11,14,16,20, 21, 22,27, 28, 29, 32,35, 36, 38,40, 42, 43,46,49, 51, 52, 54,56, 57, 61, 62,65, 68, 69, 70,74, 75,78,85, 87,94,99,103, 105, 107, 110, 111, 112,114, 117, 118, 119, 123, 125,128,131, 132,138, 144, 145,153,158, 159, 161,167, 172,176, 177, 181, 182,184,189,195,198

1963 topps
Upgrade to ex- up

1963 post any condition 17 left (* means in trade)
#5(mantle),16(maris),26b(batting avg .227),30,39,53(bunning),61(Adair), 80(yaz), 86,119(Davis),128(kasko),131(hat has stripes),162,167a( no asterik on traded line),172(Williams),187(aspromonte),196

1963 jello any condition (94 left) #2(sp),3(sp),6(sp),8(sp),10(kaat),12(showron),14.18(howard),21(sp),22(sp),27,31(sp),33(sp),34(sp),35(sp),
108,112(mc covey),113(sp),114(sp),115,120,122,124.125,126(sp),128(sp),132(sp),135(keough),136(sp),145,146(sp),153(sp),156(torre),157(cloniger),

1964 topps vg+ up on upgrades #103,481,537,540,579 Stars#125(rose),300(aaron),440(clemente)

1964 topps Variations: #76 copyright symbol on back between frank & Malone,#151 line above [chi] is broken line,

1965 embossed #42 Vada Pinson text and number on back is gray

1965 embossed second set any condition # 2,3,4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13,15,16,17,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,27,28,29,
30,31,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,44,45,46,47,48,51,53,54,55,57,59,61,65,66,68,70 up

1965 topps (* means in trade) upgrades to ex & better #80(huge black blob in front),189 (uneven boarder,npd),305 (complete green border on front)

1966 topps any condition variations#17 (dull stock on front/back, no finish),34 no-gap between the stitching and the ball outline on the back of the card (around "34"),73 (Green streak at lower left corner on front,npd),,108(dull stock on front/back, no finish ),173 (purple blob under chin)

1966 topps rub off(* in trade)
Upgrades to ex up#Giants,twins,rolas,Koufax,Horton,marichal,kranepool,torre,santo,bunning,Clemente

1967 topps variations #26 (no team name),49 (missing part of "ro" in roy on back),82 (2 laces on glove in front), 98(no red line on glove label),#128 (Spezio - bat through the name,147 (smaller airbrushing on left side of hat,pink mark on left shoulder),163 (left eye/cheek red),427(gomez)no major leauge totals on back,470( small break in border), 500 "l" in MArchial missing on back

1967 topps second set any condition (started 5/19/14 because I am insane ) * means in trade ( 20 left) , *,544, 546, 553, *555,565, 567, 569(carew), 571, 573, 576, 585, 587, 592,595, 597, 598, 600(robinson), 603, 606

1968 topps upgrade (ex up) #220, variations: #,#179( back missing "bill was used" at end of paragraph,#400 (mccormick )white team

1968 topps second set any condition...low grade welcomed (2 left) #177(Ryan),490(mantle,mays ss)

1968 Atlantic Oil Play Ball Contest any condition

2 Tommy Agee , 6 Ernie Banks,14 Roberto Clemente,15 Tommy Davis,16 Andy Etchebarren,17 Ron Fairly,
18 Bill Freehan,23 Al Kaline,30 Tug McGraw ,32 Claude Osteen,47 Williams,
49 Earl Wilson

1969 deckle second set- any condition #variations: 7A Luis Tiant text on back is gray True 7C Luis Tiant text on back is blue, errant ink run at end of sig on front

1969 upgrades ex condition #166(kaline as),582(checklist)
1969 varitations #500(mantle) last name white

1970 fleer World Series blue back#3,6,17,20,26,31,35,36,41,43,44,53,55,57,60,64

1970 topps upgrades exmt up conditon, no writing,creases please #568,634,657,660(bench), 664,699,712(ryan)

1970 topps any condition second set (47 left)#196, 202, 219, 349, 460, 506,549, 550, 558,561, 562,565,581,586, 590,594,597,600,605,610,614,627, 628,636, 637, 640, 645,650, 651,657, 660,664,667,673, 675,679,683, 687, 691,694, 697, 698,700, 701, 712, 713, 714

1971 topps upgrades to exmt & variations any condition).(* means in trade) need #208,265 (northrup)BULLSEYE version is basically a print dot on the front of his cap) ,450,544,565,#630(clemente team name in white )

1971 fleer World Series black back#9,10,12,13,16,17,23,25,26,30,33,36,42,49,53,54,56,57,58,60,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,74

1971 topps third set any condition 15 left

1971 topps super any condition

1972 topps Upgrades to ex #309,441,#478 large print on front,530 white uniform,600,604 copyright on left ,607 yellow letter under team on top 686,694,696,701,709,710,725,736, 741,764

1973 topps upgrade exmt #380(bench)

1974 upgrades to exmt & upand variations 599b(under frisieben-san diego large print ) #,53(kendall)

1975 hostess any condition
11(Burt hooton on front),89(rader)

1976 hostess any condition (10 left)
#22,*31sp,*33 Carew sp,35seaver sp,50,62 sp gary carter,93,97,131,132

1976 hostess back variations
Black ink backs#98,100,101,106,108
Brown ink backs#37,38,39,40,41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,79,80,81,82,83,84,85,86,87,

1976 Twinkie any condition#need all but #41,37,27,21,7

1977 tcma Lynchburg mets missing mike brown,bob grant,Juan monasterio

1978 Burger King tigers- need# 4 mark fidrch

1978 Burger King rangers#1 hunter,2 sunderg, 3 Ellis, 4 Alexandra, 5 mattock, 6 doc Ellis, 7 medich , 8 Jenkins, 9 barker,
10 Cleveland, 11 Hargrove , 12 Willis, 13 hargrove, 14 campaneris, 15 alomar , 16 bevacqua, 17 Oliver, 18 beniquez ,19 Washington, 20 zisk , 21 lowenstein, 22 Thompson

1978 burger king Yankees # 21(Jackson)



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