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This is the trade page of Anthony Arbeeny.
I have many commons in all grades from 73-79 not listed, AND 1951-1979 FOOTBALL & (looking for 1948,1951,1954,1955,1957,1968,1969,1970,1971-1979),looking for 1969-1977 basketball and ,all for trade . i have a wide range of needs which is below and a list of extras minus the 73-79 cards . I AM MORE INTERESTED IN TRADING 70 and UP cards FOR THE CARDS IN THE 80'S .(non sport) also looking to finish silver surfer COMICS,DAREDEVIL,SUBMARINER as well as cards for welcome back ,addams family,freedom war,beverly hillbillies,Crockett,batman and 1977 star wars red & blue series,tex and many more. check out links below for non sport trade ring.
. also interested in old non sport cards

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Bad dirty trader:
David Reed Jr.
3403 Marvel Ave.
Titusville FL 32796 (He moved out of his bYrothers apartment) (He changed address)


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T-205 any condition

Abbaticchio, Ed
Adkins, Doc
Ames, Leon
Archer, Jimmy
Austin, Jimmy
Bailey, Bill
Baker, Home Run
Ball, Neal
Barger, Cy (full B)
Barger, Cy (partial B)
Barry, Jack
Batch, Emil
Bell, George
Bender, Chief
Bergen, Bill
Bescher, Bob
Birmingham, Joe
Blackburne, Lena
Bransfield, Kitty
Bresnahan, Roger (mouth closed)
Bresnahan, Roger (mouth open)
Bridwell, Al
Brown, Mordecai
Byrne, Bobby
Cady, Hick
Camnitz, Howard
Carrigan, Bill
Chance, Frank
Chase, Hal (both ears show - frame ends)
Chase, Hal (left ear shows)
Cicotte, Eddie
Collins, Eddie (mouth closed)
Collins, Eddie (mouth open)
Collins, Jimmy
Corridon, Frank
Crandall, Doc (t crossed)
Crandall, Doc (t not crossed)
Criger, Lou. in trade
Dahlen, Bill
Daubert, Jake
Delahanty, Jim
Devlin, Art
Devore, Josh
Donohue, Jiggs
Doolan, Mickey
Dougherty, Patsy (red sock)
Dougherty, Patsy (white sock)
Doyle, Larry
Duffy, Hugh
Dunn, Jack
Dygert, Jimmy
Egan, Dick
Elberfeld, Kid
Engle, Hack
Evans, Steve
Evers, Johnny
Ewing, Bob
Ferguson, Cecil
Fletcher, Arthur
Flynn, John
Ford, Russ (black cap)
Ford, Russ (white cap)
Foxen, Bill
Frick, James
Fromme, Art
Gardner, Earl
Gaspar, Harry
Gibson, George
Goode, Wilbur
Graham, Peaches
Graham, Peaches
Grant, Ed
Gray, Dolly (no stats on back)
Gray, Dolly (stats on back)
Griffith, Clark
Groom, Bob
Hanford, Charles
Harmon, Robert (both ears show)
Harmon, Robert (left ear shows)
Hartsel, Topsy
Hauser, Arnold
Hemphill, Charlie
Herzog, Buck
Hoblitzell, Dick (Cin. After 2nd 1908 stats)
Hoblitzell, Dick (name correct - no Cin. After 1908)
Hoblitzell, Dick (name incorrect - no Cin. After 1908)
Hoblitzell, Dick (no stats on back)
Huggins, Miller
Hummel, John
Jacklitsch, Fred
Jennings, Hugh
Johnson, Walter
Jones, Davy
Jones, Tom
Joss, Addie
Karger, Ed
Killian, Ed
Kleinow, Red
Kling, Johnny
Knight, Jack
Konetchy, Ed
Krause, Harry
Kroh, Rube
LaPorte, Frank
Lange, Frank
Latham, Arlie (A. Latham on back)
Latham, Arlie (W.A. Latham on back)
Leach, Thomas
Lee, Wyatt
Leever, Sam
Leifield, Lefty (A. Leifield on front)
Leifield, Lefty (A.P. Leifield on front)
Lennox, Ed
Livingston, Paddy
Lobert, Hans
Lord, Bris
Lord, Harry
Lush, John
Maddox, Nick
Magee, Sherry
Marquard, Rube
Mathewson, Christy
Mathewson, Christy (Cycle Back, incorrect stats)
Mattern, Al
McAllister, Sport
McBride, George
McConnell, Ambrose
McElveen, Pryor
McGraw, John
McIntyre, Harry
McIntyre, Matty
McLean, Larry
Merkle, Fred
Merritt, George
Meyers, Chief
Milan, Clyde
Miller, Dots
Mitchell, Mike
Moran, Pat (no stray line of type)
Moran, Pat (stray line of type)
Moriarity, George
Mullin, George
Murray, Red
Nee, John
Needham, Tom
OLeary, Charley
Oakes, Rebel
Olmstead, Fred
Parent, Freddy
Paskert, Dode
Payne, Fred
Pelty, Barney
Pfeister, John
Phelan, James
Phelps, Edward
Phillippe, Deacon
Quinn, Jack
Raymond, Bugs
Reulbach, Ed
Richie, Lewis
Rucker, Nap
Scanlan, Doc
Schaefer, Germany
Schlei, Admiral
Schmidt, Boss
Schulte, Wildfire
Scott, Jim
Sharpe, Bayard
Shean, David
Shean, David
Sheckard, James
Simmons, Hack
Snodgrass, Fred
Speaker, Tris
Stahl, Jake
Stanage, Oscar
Steinfeldt, Harry
Stovall, George
Street, Gabby
Suggs, George
Summers, Ed
Sweeney, Jeff
Tannehill, Lee
Thomas, Ira
Tinker, Joe
Titus, John
Turner, Terry
Vaughn, Hippo
Wagner, Heinie
Wallace, Bobby (no cap - 2 lines of 1910 stats)
Wallace, Bobby (no cap - 1 line of 1910 stats)
Wallace, Bobby (with cap)
Walsh, Ed
Wheat, Zack
White, Doc
White, Kirb
Wilhelm, Kaiser (suffe ed in 18th line of bio)
Wilhelm, Kaiser (suffered in 18th line of bio)
Willett, Ed
Wilson, Owen
Wiltse, Hooks (only right ear shows)
Wolter, Harry
Young, Cy

1909-11 t206 any condition

Ed Abbaticchio (Blue Sleeves) Ed Abbaticchio (Brown Sleeves)
Fred Abbott
Bill Abstein
.Doc Adkins
Whitey Alperman
..Red Ames (Hands At Chest)
Red Ames (Hands Above Head)
Red Ames (Portrait)
Frank Arellanes
Herman Armbruster
Jake Atz
#Home Run Baker
Neal Ball (New York)
Cy Barger
Jack Barry (Philadelphia)
Shad Barry (Milwaukee)
...Jack Bastian
Ginger Beaumont
Fred Beck
(Bari) Fred Beck (missing magenta ink)
Beals Becker
(Vari)Beals Becker (missing magenta ink)
... Jake Beckley
# Chief Bender (Pitching No Trees In Background)
#Chief Bender (Pitching Trees In Background)
#. Chief Bender (Portrait)
Bill Bergen (Batting)
Bill Bergen (Catching)
Heinie Berger
...Bill Bernhard
Bob Bescher (Hands In Air)
Bob Bescher (Portrait)
Joe Birmingham
Lena Blackburne
Jack Bliss
Frank Bowerman
Bill Bradley (Portrait)
Dave Brain
Kitty Bransfield
...Ted Breitenstein
...Roger Bresnahan (Portrait)
... Roger Bresnahan (With Bat)
Al Bridwell (Portrait With Cap)
. George Brown (Browne) (Chicago)
#.. George Brown (Browne) (Washington)
.... Mordecai Brown (Chicago On Shirt)
+Mordecai Brown (Cubs On Shirt)
#.Mordecai Brown (Portrait)
Al Burch (Fielding)
Fred Burchell
Bill Burns
John Butler
Bobby Byrne
Howie Camnitz (Arm At Side)
Howie Camnitz (Arms Folded)
Howie Camnitz (Hands Above Head)
... Scoops Carey
Charley Carr
Bill Carrigan
Peter Cassidy
#Frank Chance (Batting)
#.Frank Chance (Portrait Red Background)
#Frank Chance (Portrait Yellow Background)
..Hal Chase (Holding Trophy)
Hal Chase (Portrait Blue Background)
#Hal Chase (Portrait Pink Background)
Hal Chase (Throwing Dark Cap)
. Hal Chase (Throwing White Cap)
# Jack Chesbro
...Ed Cicotte
Bill Clancy (Clancey)
Josh Clark (Columbus) (Clarke)
#Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh Holding Bat)
#Fred Clarke (Pittsburgh Portrait)
J.J. Clarke (Cleveland)
Ty Cobb (Portrait Green Background) $5,000
Ty Cobb (Portrait Red Background)
Ty Cobb (Portrait Red Background Ty Cobb Back)
Ty Cobb (Bat Off Shoulder)
Ty Cobb (Bat On Shoulder)
...Cad Coles
....Eddie Collins (Philadelphia)
... Jimmy Collins (Minneapolis)
Wid Conroy (With Bat)
Harry Covaleski (Coveleski)
Doc Crandall (Portrait With Cap)
...Bill Cranston
Gavvy Cravath
#Sam Crawford (Throwing)
#Sam Crawford (With Bat)
Birdie Cree
Dode Criss
Monte Cross
Bill Dahlen (Boston)
+ Bill Dahlen (Brooklyn)
...George Davis (Chicago)
Harry Davis (Philadelphia H. Davis On Front)
Frank Delehanty (Louisville)
Ray Demmitt (New York)
Ray Demmitt (St. Louis) $10k
Rube Dessau
Bill Dineen (Dinneen)
. Mike Donlin (Fielding)
Mike Donlin (Seated)
Jiggs Donohue (Donahue)
Wild Bill Donovan (Portrait)
Wild Bill Donovan (Throwing)
Mickey Doolan (Batting)
Mickey Doolan (Fielding)
Mickey Doolin (Doolan)
Gus Dorner
Gus Dorner (Dopner)
Patsy Dougherty (Arm In Air)
Patsy Dougherty (Portrait)
Tom Downey (Batting)
Tom Downey (Fielding)
Jerry Downs
+Joe Doyle (NY Nat'l Hands Above Head)
+Joe Doyle (NY Hands Above Head)
Larry Doyle (Portrait)
Larry Doyle (Throwing)
Jean Dubuc
...Hugh Duffy
Jack Dunn (Baltimore)
Joe Dunn (Brooklyn)
Bull Durham
Jimmy Dygert
Ted Easterly
Dick Egan
Kid Elberfeld (New York) (Portrait)
Kid Elberfeld (Washington) (Portrait) $3,000
Kid Elberfeld (Washington) (Fielding)
...Roy Ellam
Clyde Engle
Steve Evans
+Johnny Evers (Portrait)
#Johnny Evers (With Bat Chicago On Shirt)
Johnny Evers (With Bat Cubs On Shirt) $800
Bob Ewing
Cecil Ferguson
(Vari)Cecil Ferguson (missing magenta ink)
Hobe Ferris
Lou Fiene (Portrait)
Lou Fiene (Throwing)
Art Fletcher
...Elmer Flick
Russ Ford
Jerry Freeman
John Frill
... Charlie Fritz
...Chick Gandil
Bob Ganley
John Ganzel
George Gibson
Billy Gilbert
Wilbur Goode (Good)
Bill Graham (St. Louis)
Dolly Gray
... Ed Greminger
... Clark Griffith (Batting)
... Clark Griffith (Portrait)
Bob Groom
...Tom Guiheen
Ed Hahn
Bob Hall
... Jack Hannifan (Hannifin)
... Bill Hart (Little Rock)
Jimmy Hart (Montgomery)
Jack Hayden
...J. Ross Helm
Charlie Hemphill
Buck Herzog (Boston)
Buck Herzog (New York)
... Gordon Hickman
Harry Hinchman (Toledo)
Dick Hoblitzell
Danny Hoffman (St Louis)
Izzy Hoffman (Providence)
...Bock Hooker
Del Howard (Chicago)
...Ernie Howard (Savannah)
Harry Howell (Hand At Waist)
... Miller Huggins (Hand At Mouth)
... Miller Huggins (Portrait)
Rudy Hulswitt
John Hummel
Fred Jacklitsch
Jimmy Jackson
...Hughie Jennings (One Hand Showing)
...Hughie Jennings (Both Hands Showing)
... Hughie Jennings (Portrait)
Walter Johnson (Pitching) $1,200
Walter Johnson (Portrait) $1,800
Fielder Jones (Chicago) (Hands At Hip)
Davy Jones (Detroit)
...Dutch Jordan (Atlanta)
Tim Jordan (Brooklyn) (Batting)
Tim Jordan (Brooklyn) (Portrait)
... Addie Joss (Pitching)
# Addie Joss (Portrait)
Ed Karger
+ Willie Keeler (Portrait)
+Willie Keeler (Batting)
.. Joe Kelley
#.J.F. Kiernan
Ed Killian (Portrait)
... Frank King
Rube Kisinger (Kissinger)
#.Red Kleinow (Boston) (Catching)
Red Kleinow (New York) (Catching)
Red Kleinow (New York) (With Bat)
Johnny Kling
Otto Knabe
Jack Knight (Portrait)
Ed Konetchy (Glove Near Ground)
Harry Krause (Pitching)
Rube Kroh
Otto Kruger (Krueger)
... James Lafitte
Nap Lajoie (Portrait) $800
Nap Lajoie (Throwing) $700
Nap Lajoie (With Bat) $700
Joe Lake (New York)
Joe Lake (St. Louis) (Ball In Hand)
Arlie Latham
Bill Lattimore
Jimmy Lavender
Tommy Leach (Bending Over)
Tommy Leach (Portrait)
Lefty Leifield (Batting)
Lefty Leifield (Pitching)
Ed Lennox
#Harry Lentz (Sentz)
Glenn Liebhardt
Vive Lindaman
(Vari)Vive Lindaman (missing magenta ink)
...Perry Lipe
Paddy Livingstone (Livingston)
Hans Lobert
Harry Lord
Harry Lumley
Carl Lundgren (Chicago) $800
Nick Maddox
Sherry Magie (Magee) $25k
..Sherry Magee (portrait)
Sherry Magee (With Bat)
Bill Malarkey
...George Manion
Rube Manning (Pitching)
... Rube Marquard (Hands At Thighs)
... Rube Marquard (Pitching Follow Through)
.... Rube Marquard (Portrait)
Doc Marshall
Christy Mathewson (Portrait) $1,500
Christy Mathewson (White Cap) $1,500
Al Mattern
John McAleese
George McBride
...Pat McCauley
Moose McCormick
Pryor McElveen
Dan McGann
... Jim McGinley
Iron Man McGinnity
Stoney McGlynn
#John McGraw (Finger In Air)
#John McGraw (Glove At Hip)
# John McGraw (Portrait No Cap)
#John McGraw (Portrait With Cap)
Harry McIntyre (Brooklyn & Chicago)
Larry McLean
George McQuillan (Ball In Hand)
George McQuillan (With Bat)
Fred Merkle (Portrait)
Fred Merkle (Throwing)
George Merritt
Chief Meyers
Chief Meyers fielding( Meyers )
Clyde Milan
... Molly Miller (Dallas)
Bill Milligan
Fred Mitchell (Toronto)
Mike Mitchell (Cincinnati)
Dan Moeller
... Carlton Molesworth
Pat Moran (Chicago)
George Moriarty
Mike Mowrey
... Dom Mullaney
George Mullen (Mullin)
George Mullin (Throwing)
George Mullin (With Bat)
Danny Murphy (Batting)
Red Murray (Batting)
Red Murray (Portrait)
(Vari) Red Murray (Portrait) (Murr'y)
Chief Myers (Meyers) (Batting)
Chief Myers (Meyers) (Fielding)
Billy Nattress
Tom Needham
Simon Nicholls (Hands On Knees)
Simon Nichols (Nicholls) (Batting)
Harry Niles
Rebel Oakes
Frank Oberlin
Peter O'Brien
Bill O'Hara (New York)
.Bill O'Hara (St. Louis) $10k
Rube Oldring (Batting)
Rube Oldring (Fielding)
Charles O'Leary (Hands On Knees)
Charles O'Leary (Portrait)
..William O'Neil
... Al Orth
... William Otey
Orval Overall (Hand Face Level)
Orval Overall (Hands At Waist Level)
Orval Overall (Portrait)
... George Paige
Dode Paskert
Jim Pastorius
Harry Pattee
Barney Pelty (Horizontal Photo)
Barney Pelty (Vertical Photo)
..Hub Perdue
George Perring
..Arch Persons
Francis Pfeffer
Jake Pfeister (Pfiester) (Throwing)
Jimmy Phelan
Eddie Phelps
Ollie Pickering
Eddie Plank $60k
Jack Powell
Mike Powers
Ambrose Puttman (Puttmann)
Lee Quillen (Quillin)
Bugs Raymond
...Ed Reagan
Ed Reulbach (Glove Showing)
Ed Reulbach (No Glove Showing)
...Dutch Revelle
Bob Rhoades (Rhoads) (Hand At Chest)
Bob Rhoades (Rhoads) (Right Arm Extended)
Charlie Rhodes
Claude Ritchey
...Ike Rockenfeld
Claude Rossman
Nap Rucker (Throwing)
... Ray Ryan
Germany Schaefer (Detroit)
George Schirm
Larry Schlafly
Admiral Schlei (Batting)
Admiral Schlei (Catching)
Boss Schmidt (Portrait)
Boss Schmidt (Throwing)
Ossee Schreck (Schreckengost)
Wildfire Schulte (Front View)
Wildfire Schulte (Back View)
Jim Scott
... Charles Seitz
Cy Seymour (Batting)
Cy Seymour (Portrait)
Cy Seymour (Throwing)
Bud Sharpe
Bud Shappe (Sharpe)
... Shag Shaughnessy
Al Shaw (St Louis)
Hunky Shaw (Providence)
Jimmy Sheckard (Glove Showing)
Jimmy Sheckard (No Glove Showing)
Jimmy Slagle
...Carlos Smith (Shreveport)
Frank Smith (Chicago F. Smith On Front)
Frank Smith (Chicago White Cap)
+ Frank Smith (Chicago & Boston)
Heinie Smith (Buffalo)
... Sid Smith (Atlanta)
Fred Snodgrass (Batting)
(Vari) Fred Snodgrass (Batting) (Nodgrass)
Bob Spade
Tris Speaker $1k
Jake Stahl (Glove Shows)
Jake Stahl (No Glove Shows)
... Dolly Stark
Harry Steinfeldt (Portrait)
Harry Steinfeldt (With Bat)
Jim Stephens
George Stovall (Batting)
George Stovall (Portrait)
Gabby Street (Catching)
Gabby Street (Portrait)
Ed Summers
Bill Sweeney (Boston)
(Vari) Bill Sweeney (Boston) (missing magenta ink)
Jeff Sweeney (New York)
Lee Tannehill (Chicago Tannehill On Front)
Dummy Taylor
Fred Tenney
... Tony Thebo
Jake Thielman
Ira Thomas
...Woodie Thornton
#Joe Tinker (Bat Off Shoulder)
#Joe Tinker (Bat On Shoulder)
+Joe Tinker (Hands On Knees)
+Joe Tinker (Portrait)
John Titus
Terry Turner
Bob Unglaub
... Juan Violat (Viola)
# Rube Waddell (Portrait)
#Rube Waddell (Throwing)
(Vari)Heinie Wagner (Bat On Left Shoulder) (missing magenta ink)
Heinie Wagner (Bat On Right Shoulder)
Honus Wagner $35k
...Bobby Wallace
# Ed Walsh
Jack Warhop
Jake Weimer
... James Westlake
....Zack Wheat
Doc White (Chicago Pitching)
...Foley White (Houston)
Jack White (Buffalo)
Kaiser Wilhelm (Hands At Chest)
Kaiser Wilhelm (With Bat)
Ed Willett
Ed Willetts (Willett)
Jimmy Williams
....Vic Willis (Pittsburg)
... Vic Willis (Throwing)
... Vic Willis (With Bat)
Owen Wilson
Hooks Wiltse (Pitching)
Hooks Wiltse (Portrait With Cap)
Cy Young (Cleveland) (Glove Shows) $1,200
Cy Young (Cleveland) (Bare Hand Shows) $1,200
Cy Young (Cleveland) (Portrait) $1,800
Irv Young (Minneapolis)
Heinie Zimmermann

1935 goudey 4-in-1 (r321) any condition
#16 brandt,maranville,mcmanus,babe ruth
#30 fox,greenberg,rowe,walker


1949 bowman any condition (* means in trade)
69,,72,73,78(name on front),82,83(name on front),84(Campanella),94,98(rizzutto)name on front,98( no name on front),
100(hodges),109(print on back),111,114,124(print on back),127( print on back),129,133,
199,200,201,202,204,205,208,209,211,212,213,214(ashburn ),215,216,217,218,219,220,221,222,223,224(Paige),

1950 bowman any condition (* means in trade) 7 left

1951 bowman any condition
upgrades any condition but not trimmed #26(rizzutto),247,310

1951 topps red back any condition #52(no Hartford)

1952 bowman upgrades to vg- no trim #5(minoso),95,96,160,163,172,175,183,225,249

1952 topps any condition
#311(mantle),312, 313, 314, 315, 316, 317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327, 328, 329, 330, 331, 332, 333, 334, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 340, 341, 342, 343, 344, 345, 346, 347, 348, 349, 350, 351, 352, 353, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, 376, 377, 378, 379, 380, 381, 382, 383, 384, 385, 386, 387, 388, 389, 390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395, 396, 397, 398, 399, 400, 401, 402, 403, 404, 405, 406, 407

53 bowman color list of needs any condition(3 left)
upgrades to vg- (no trim)#4,5,22,24,34,54,60,65,82,84,86,116,140,148

1953 bowman black and white any condition 17 left (* in trade)
#7,29,31,35,36,37,38,41,43(born 1930),45,46,52,54,55,59,60,64

1954 topps any condition (convinced to start by Steve Rittenberg & Richard Kimball at ft. washington 12/05 Variations: #5 ed lopat orange front color, #13 martin red front color
and upgrades to vg- #59,165, 250(williams)

1954 bowman any condition 65 left

1955 topps any condition (1 left)
#164(clemente),177 robertson-on back missing boxes on stats in fielding
upgrade vg- #125 boyer

1955 bowman ... Upgrades in vg- condition #18,227(baumholtz),228(phillips),246(bauer),250(napp),272 (flaherty),307(pinelli)

1956 topps (any grade)#
,323 schmidt missing stats on back under year/won

1956 white back any condition
30(robinson), 101(campenella),110(berra), 113(rizzuto),114,117, 118,121, 125, 126, 127, 130(mays),135(mantle),138, 139,143,145,160, 164(killibrew), 165, 166,172, 173,

1956 grey back #5(williams),12(carey),33(clemente)

1957 needs #upgrades to vg- #313,322

1959 topps variations #240(bauer name in yellow),316(no option),321(no option),330(missing stats under g&b)
336(no trade),342(no trade),350(blue back),359(no trade),362(no option),416(copyright missing circle ob c),
457(#482 is Art Houtteman),
upgrades to VG and up
439(brooks Robinson),462,505,513,517,536,544,545,547,553(cepeda),562(kaline)

1960 leaf any condition (started by JSG vct/obc) #77,78,82,84,85,86,87,88,90,91,94,95,96,97,98,99,100,102,103,104,105-111,113,114,117,121,122,123,125(anderson),127,128(cepeda),129,130,131,132,133,134,135,141,142,143,144(bunning)

1960 fleer upgrade to ex with no creases please #41,14,3(ruth),1

1960 topps upgrades vg
576(maris as),577(aaron as),578(mantle as)

1960 lake to lake any condition

1961 topps any conditions (17 left) * in trade
415(aaron),417(marichal),,531,541, *543, *544,554, 559,569, 571, 572, 576, 577, 578(mantle), 580, 584,586

1961 post any condition (* means in trade)(5 left)
#73(estrada), 93, 94(stobb),106(mattews),183(mcmullan)

1961 topps magic rub off any condition

1961 fleer VG- condition upgrades#75(Ruth),91,110,115,123,143,153,

1962 post ceareal- variations #124a jay bule lines
1962 post upgrades to vg/vg+ #63,64,72,81,82,86,151,165,167,195

1962 topps upgrades VG up

1962 topps any condition
Variations and mostly green tint or base ones I need since I have the green tint.
# 110(green tint ,l),111(green tint,l),,115(green tint l uniform),
116(green tint ,l),120(green tint,l uniform),121(green tint,l sky),
127( green tint,l uniforms),133( green tint,greyish sky and brown like sleeve),134 (green tint,l green sky),135(green tint,post on right green),137(green tint,l sky),
138( lighter maybe brown top right field?),139(babe hits pole),141( green tint,l sky),146(green tint orange hat),148,
151( green tint,l sky-shirt),,153( green tint,l bleaches- l brown skin),,157(orange type hat and lighter skin color on hands),158(green tint,l uniforms),160(green tint,l grass),
163(green tint,l sky),165(green tint,l sky),
170(green tint, l sky),,173(green tint,l uniform),
175(green tint,l tower on left),179(green tint,l ground),181( green tint,l sky),182 (green tint,l sky),
184( green tint,gray sky),187,195,196(gray stands),277( light wood),,516(white boxes)

1962 post canadian any condition
#1, 2,4,7,10, 11,14,16,19, 20, 21, 22,27, 28, 29, 30, 32,35, 36, 37, 38,40, 41, 42, 43,44,46,49, 51, 52, 53, 54,56, 57, 60, 61, 62,65, 68, 69, 70,73, 74, 75, 76,78,83,85, 86, 87,94, 98, 99,103, 105, 107, 110, 111, 112,114, 117, 118, 119, 120,123, 125,128,131, 132, 133, 137, 138, 140, 144, 145,153,156,*158, 159, 161,167, 172,176, 177, 178, 180, 181, 182,184, 187,189,195,198

1963 topps
Upgrade to ex- up

1963 peel on stickers
Mazeroski,Musial,pascal,purkey,Richardson,bobby Robinson,Floyd Robinson,Romano,Sanford,siebern,white,yaz

1963 fleer
#21(upgrade VG-),40(upgrade to VG-)

1963 post any condition 29 left (* means in trade)
#15(mantle),16(maris),26b(batting avg .227),30,36,39,53(bunning),61(Adair),,64, 80(yaz), 86,97,100,119(Davis),128(kasko),131(hat has stripes),141,151,153,155, 158b(hieght 6".),160,162,167a( no asterik on traded line),172(Williams),180, 181, 182,187(aspromonte),188,196

1963 jello any condition#1,2,3,6,7,8,10,11,12,13,14.18,19,20,21,22,27,28,31,32,33,34,35,

1964 topps vg+ up on upgrades #60,103,402,481,506,537,540,565,579Stars#125(rose),150(mays),300(aaron),440(clemente)

Variations: #4 apostrohe after "pitching" on back,76 copyright symbol on back between frank & Malone,#151 line above [chi] is broken line,

1965 embossed #42 Vada Pinson text and number on back is gray

1965 opee chee any condition 6 left) #115,207(rose), 209,245,250(mays),255

1965 topps (* means in trade) upgrades to ex & better #80(huge black blob in front),104 (even bottom border,104 (uneven bottom border,npd),119 (very rough left side of white stat box on back),189 (uneven boarder,npd),189 (even border,#211 missing dot over 2nd "i" in last name),305 (complete green border on front),361 (4 in 429 partially missing

1965 second set any condition(20 left)
2, 5,134(ws),150(robinson),170(aaron), 187,
294,330(ford),340, 347, 360(cepeda), 372,381,399,457,460(allen), 491,510(banks),519(uecker), 526(hunter),560

1966 topps any condition variations#17 (dull stock on front/back, no finish),34 no-gap between the stitching and the ball outline on the back of the card (around "34"),73 (Green streak at lower left corner on front,npd),,108(dull stock on front/back, no finish ),173 (purple blob under chin),279 (cap is orange)

1966 topps rub off(* in trade) 39 left
2 Jerry Adair , 4 Jesus Alou,5 Max Alvis, *6 Bob Aspromonte,
7 Ernie Banks,8 Earl Battey,9 Curt Blefary,10 Ken Boyer,12 Jim Bunning,14 Bert Campaneris,*15 Jose Cardenal,
,18 Roberto Clemente,24 Don Drysdale,32 Whitey Ford,*36 Jim Grant,42 Frank Howard,43 Deron Johnson
44 Al Kaline,,48 Ed Kranepool,49 Gary Kroll,
53 Don Lock,61 Bill Mazeroski,
87 Willie Stargell,93 Joe Torre,*97 Bill White,
98 Billy Williams,101 Baltimore Orioles,102 Boston Red Sox,104 Chicago Cubs,
105 Chicago White Sox,106 Cincinnati Reds,107 Cleveland Indians,
108 Detroit Tigers,109 Houston Astros,112 Milwaukee Braves,
,*115 New York Yankees,117 Pittsburgh Pirates,119 St. Louis Cardinals,120 Washington Senators

1967 topps variations #26 (no team name),49 (missing part of "ro" in roy on back),82 (2 laces on glove in front), 98(no red line on glove label),#128 (Spezio - bat through the name,147 (smaller airbrushing on left side of hat,pink mark on left shoulder),163 (left eye/cheek red),427(gomez)no major leauge totals on back,470( small break in border), 500 "l" in MArchial missing on back

1968 topps game
Set 4 : exmt up condition need #32(upgrade)

1968 topps upgrade (ex up) #220, variations: #66(cox) yellow team,#179( back missing "bill was used" at end of paragraph,#400 (mccormick )white team

1968 topps second set any condition...low grade welcomed (66 left) #2,80(Carew),120,122,

1969 deckle second set- any condition #variations: 7A Luis Tiant text on back is gray True 7C Luis Tiant text on back is blue, errant ink run at end of sig on front

1969 upgrades ex condition #166(kaline as),582(checklist)
1969 varitations #500(mantle) last name white,

1969 decal third set vg/ex condition Clemente,gibson,harrelson,horton,killibrew,jackson,mays,mclain,rose,stottlemyre

1970 topps super any condition
#1,2,11,12(Clemente ),14,19,23,26,35,38(Powell)

1970 topps upgrades exmt up conditon, no writing,creases please #459(jackson as),568,634,637,657,660(bench), 661,664,671,676,699,712(ryan)

1971 topps upgrades to exmt & variations any condition).(* means in trade) need #208,264,#265 (northrup)BULLSEYE version is basically a print dot on the front of his cap) ,450,544,565,#630(clemente team name in white )

1971 opc set
#,202,400(Aaron),524,525(banks),526,527,528,529,530(yaz),532,533,534,535,536,537,539-540,541-549,551,552,553,554,,557,558-569,570(Palmer),571-579,580(Perez),582-588,590,591,592,593,594,596-598,600(mays),601-653,655-666,668,670-708,709(baker),710-715,717,718,720,722-728,731-740,742-748,750,751,752 up

1972 topps Upgrades to ex #270,309,436,441,#478 large print on front, 515,530 white uniform,600,604 copyright on left ,607 yellow letter under tean on top,671,680,686,690, 691,694,696,701,708,709,710,716,725,726,734,736, 740,741,742,752,759,760 (mazeroski),764,741,779

1973 Johnny pro cards (7x41/4 inches big)
22A Jim Palmer

1973 topps upgrade exmt #380(bench),486 philly managers has small break in border on top & bottom

1973 OPc VG/ex up 84 left
1(Ruth,26,28,41,47,54,59,61,63,64,65,,77,80,84,85,90(brooks),106,119,125,130(rose),131,142(Munson),160(Palmer),163,165,170,174(gossage RC),
180,189,193(Fisk),200,220(Ryan),232,235,257,264,265,270,275,280(kaline),281,296,300carlton),305(mays),307,323,330(Carew),331,338,341 ,343,355,365,370,380(bench),388,397,421,450,453,472(Gehrig),473(Aaron),474(Ruth),476,477,478,

1974 upgrades to exmt & upand variations 599b(under frisieben-san diego large print ) #3(aaron),53(kendall)

1974 OPc team card# angels,royals,

1974 OPc VG up

1975 topps upgrades to exmt better no writing please

1975 OPc any condition

1975 mini upgrade exmt up no marks

1975 mini second set VG- and up (27 left)
#41,50,70(schmidt),74,80,100,160,180,217,241,257,260,312(Ryan leader),320,335,382,414,,530,

1975 hostess Twinkie (has black marks on back on top and bottom which the regular ones do not (*in trade) any condition #*5(Morgan),*7(sutton),8,*19(mccovey),28,30,36,43

1975 hostess any condition
120,121,122,123,125(pitcher ),126(Palmer),127,128,148(hunter)

1976 OPc VG up condition

1977 tcma Lynchburg mets missing mike brown,bob grant,Juan monasterio

1977 hostess any condition

1977 burger king Yankees #2,4,16,17

1978 burger king Yankees # 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,11,13,15,17,19

1979 burger king Yankee #2,7,12,17,20,22

1979 burger king phillies #3,13,16,21,22

1978 set #5 any condition (* in trade)

1979 topps third set any condition beat up is better (* in trade)
49,55,66,71,82,99,106,112,115(Ryan),*116(Ozzie smith RC),123,142,144,159,166,170,

1980 3rd set any condition

1981 topps 3rd set any condition

1982 topps 3 rd set VG + up condition

1983 topps second set ex up condition (*in trade)

Football needs

1948 football bowman any condition

1950 bowman
#1, 5,6,9,10,11,14,15,16,18,19,20,26,27,29,30,32,33,35,37,39,43,44,45,47,51,52,54,58,62,

1951 bowman

1951 topps any condition ( 1 left )

1955 topps all american#97

1955 bowman up to ex- up#7,42,65,83,85,91,93,95,105,108,119,123,127,130

1957 upgrade ex up133,113,101,85,

1959 topps upgrades to ex

1960 fleer upgrades ex#14,25,59,104,116(stram)

1963 topps (3 left) #73,82(Lilly),96(nischke)

1965 Philly VG/VG up#10,41(warfield),46,74,,94,150,195(Taylor)

1967 topps upgrades VG+

1968 topps upgrades exmt up#27,44,64,80,192,196(griese),127(Butkus)

1969 ex up# 75(Meredith),80(checklist),100(Namath),235

1970 Kellogg xograph any condition

1972 fb#266,268,272,275,277,279,281,284,285,288,289,290,291,292,293,294,295,296,297,

1973 #224 checklist with one *, #358 checklist with**, #498 checklist with *

1974 blank back team card from mail-in dolphins,49ers,raiders

1977 fb upgrade exmt up #204

1979 fleer #23,29,30,31,34,37,40,46,62,69


Basketball needs
1957 topps #1(Clintton),2,3,4,5,6,8,9,11,12,13,15,16,17(Cousy),18,19,20.23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30

1969 upgrades# 2 goodrich,25 Alcindor

1971-72 upgrades#1,25,114(Nelson)

1971 cocoa puffs offgrade set three-any condition #1,2

1971 globetrotters
Grey back#64

1972-73 hoops second set any condition (16 left)
195erving),208,230(issel),242(playoff),244(playoff),255(Erving as)

1973-74 topps hoops second set any condition(3 left)
#71(Jackson),130(Maravich),240(Erving) most in trade

1974 topps third set any condition#250(chamberlain)

1977-78 upgrade to ex up green backs #4,60,129 all in trade

1977-78 grey backs whic*h are not glossy green but dark green * in trade (20 left)# *15,*20,29,*33,*39,*40,*45,
*47,*48,66,70,74,*75,*88,*90,*100,*105,*111,*115,*120,(upgrades to ex up #61,87,106,118,

1981-82 hoops exmt up up.second set#109east (johnson),88east

Hockey needs

None at this time

Non sport list...please ask for the new sets I am working on

1950 freedom war
10,15,17, 29, 30, 31, 33,36, 37, 38, 39, 41,43, 45, 46, 47, 48,56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 64, 65,67,70, 72, 73, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81,84, 86, 87, 88,93, 94, 96,,,, 98, 99,,,, 104, 106,108,110, 111, 113, 115, 116, 117,119,122, 123, 124, 125, 127, 128, 129, 130, 131, 133, 134,136, 137,139,,143, 147,149, 150, 151, 153, 154, 155, 156, 157, 159, 160, 161, 162,165,167, 168, 169,175,186,192, 193, 194, 195,198(Clark), 203

1956 Davy Crockett green backs# 54( upgrade to VG-),59(upgrade to VG-)

1956 topps flags of the world any condition

1963 beverly Hillbillies any condition

1959 three stooges #'s 10,12,*18,21,23,27,39,44,72

1964 Addams family
#upgrades to ex- up #1,30,33,35,63

1965 James bond

1965 war bulletin# 53(upgrade)

1965 Gillian's island any condition#4,7,15,18,23,29,41,43,50

1965 King Kong (#16 never issued)any condition#5,18,21,24,29,33,43,45,46,50

1965 superman...need all

1966 get smart any condition(*in trade)

1966 batman blue bat version but looking for blue bat on back and not puzzle
Turns out they have a variation back to this particular one (any condition)

Also need #20 in exmt up condition with regular puzzle back

1966 Tarzan any condition #4,5,6,7,9,11,13,14,17,18,20,21,22,24,29,30,35,37,41,42,44,49,51,54,55,56,58,61,63,64,65

1966 batman -black border on front-national periodocal publications#2,18,34,35,36

1967 garrisons gorillas
#3,9,18,20,23,25,28,33,35,37,42,45,50,58,65,70 72 and up

1974 Evel knievel with two ** on back#12,22,26,30,36
With one * on back#2,4,7,9,11,13,16,17,18,19,21,23,25,28,29,31,32,

1974-75 marvel comic stickers (* in trade)
Need:spiderman-2(bug off) variation

Also seems there are asterk variations so here we go
With one* - dr. Octopus,hulk 1, hulk 2, human torch 1, human torch 2, medusa,
doctor doom,Conan,ghost rider,man thing,iron man,Frankenstein ,Dracula 2,dr. Strange,daredevil ,Shang-li,
Werewolf,Valkyrie ,black widow, captain America 2

With two**- son of satan, haweye,Dracula 1,mr fantastic, captain America 2

1975 six million dollar man #42,58

1975 hysterical history #60

1976 welcome back kotter #3,5,27,

1976 happy days (blue)

1976 king kong with 2 each ** #1,4,27

1976 king kong with 1 each* #3,12,14,18,29,35,41,43,44,47,55

1976 king kong any stlye #7,47,48,53

1976 star trek
With one * #,11,12,17,25,42,44,46,53,55,56,64,71,83,

With two ** #3,5,12,13,15,19,22,24,25,29,37,39,40,45,50,51,57,58,59,61,

1977 star wars stickers
With two** #6

1977 charlie angles stickers
With one* #1,2,3,7,8,9,10,11,12,24,27,29,32,34,38
With two ** #34,35,36,37,39

1977 charlies angels in any condition: series 1-4 are in 66 cards each series up to #256

With 1 each* #129,143,150,159,162,165,171,179,180,182,187......4th series- 193,231,233

with 2 each ** #43,57,58,59,61,62,66,74,75,78,89,95,102,107,110.115,120,121,125,130,140,
145,149,158,164,176,185,183,forth series- #188,240

1977 charlie angels any condition and any card second set series 1& 2 (set 1-121)#65,97,103,120,121

1976 Welcome back kotter (ex) #,3,5
Second set#27,

mork and mindy(ex) stickers #4,5,17,22********


Looking trade T-cards and 35-53's for hits to the t-205 & T-206. Will add list but have almost nothing

T-206 congalto (poor),Quinn ( missing corner)

1935 goudey - (west,brown,melillo,blaeholder) trimmed and taped, Campbell,Meyers,kampouris,goodman) trimmed and taped,,(del song,Allen,Rolfe,walker) trimmed and taped,(spohrer,rhem,cantwell,Benton),(critz,bait ell,ott,mancuso),

1949 bowman #4(no name on front),10(wb),13(wb),16(wb),28,34,,41(wb),43(wb),44(wb),45,48(wb),51(wb),53,55(wb),56(wb),57(wb),59(wb),62(wb),63(pafko),74,78,79,80,87,88,89,90,95,96,97,101,105,107,108,109,113,,115,117,118,119,120,121,123,126,127,130,134,135(trim),137,138(two punch holes),143,237

1948 bowman #10,11,24(trim),25,27,32,39 trimmed,46 trimmed

1950 bowman# 45,51,52,65,66,86,89,91,92,95,99,103,104,107,108,110,111,118,126,133,141,142,144,145,146,158,159,160,162,163,164,165

1951 bowman#1,13(stanky),16,28(trim),42,64,66,71,79,83(hole punches),87,88,89,99,105,124,125(rigney),126(Thompson),138,142,144,147,160,

1951 topps ringside boxing#46

1951 topps#2,3,4,9,11 ,14,21,23,,37,42,43,46

1952 topps #95,107,114,120,234,245

1952 wheaties feller trimmed

1952 bowman#10(trimmed), 36,58,61,63,67,68,74,77,82,83,87,94,98(trimmed),99,131,172,185,195,203(trimmed),206,207,211,221,235

1953 topps #,27(Campanella),94,112,145,154,,185 trimmed,186,192,194,216,274

1953 bowman#6 trimmed),7(trim),21(garagiola),29(trimmed),71,93(rizutto&martin),101(schoendienst),127(trim),130,139,149

1953 bowman black and white#4,5,8,9,19,22,,30,34,56,62

1954 bowman #9,12,16,23(kueen),28(trimmed),29,30,37,44,56,57(wilhelm),63,64(Mathews trimmed ),,83(trim),85(turley),91,104,121,149,158,165,168,190( trim)

1954 topps# 2,7,22,27,3136(hoyt),49,58,68,76,77(boone),85,88,91,92,113,119,124,147,172,

1955 topps #4(kaline),10,23,25(podres)67(red dot),96,101,104,107,110,114, 116trimmed,117trimmed,117,122,129,130,131,132,138,149trimmed,149,151trimmed,196 trimmed,207

1955 bowman #15 trimmed,11trimmed,13,30trimmed,36,41,43trimmed,73,78,113,115,117,151,187,203,207,212,212trimmed,213,215,220,221,222,224,232,238,253,,280,294,

1956 topps #,11(with date wb),72( with date wb),115(Jensen gb),164(Killebrew gb),checklist #1

1957 topps #207,5

1958 topps #5(mays beat up),6,16,18,31,46,58,60,/.62,69,73,78,82,97,99,108,119,120(podres),128,136,141,151,162(hodges),163,165,166,169,173,
188,,2991,202,204,214,218,228,231,234,244,247,248,252,256,261,268,269,280,281,302,304(big bats with kaline),309,315,324(hoyt),328,334,359,371,380,387,390,391,394,

1959 topps #3,69,78,79,84,104,124,142,175,177,191,227,258,268,280,283,289,293,307,313,314,318,319,328,333,347,348,349(Wilhelm),

1959 fleer #

1960 topps #3,7(mays),8,13,33,45,69,73(Gibson),89,91,94,97,106,112,116,139,144,150,183,187,201,208,235,259,304,307,320,357,369,404,447,500,501

1960 lake to lake braves # bob giggie

1961 fleer#1,3,16,22,34,66,72,73,76,83,88,89,105,125,135,136,151

1960 fleer#33

1960 leaf # 11,13,26,33,43,51,54,56,64,69(Hoyt),113,125,126,136,151

1961 topps magic # Chicago white sox, phillies,Indians

1961 topps#5,6,11,15,16,24,29,32,34,48,),59,60,62,75,76,77,81,82,85,96,101,103,105,108,
113,114,127,128,134,137,147,150(mays),154,156,168,169,171,180(richerson),186,189,194,201,209,214,313,394,403,455(wynn),484(aaron),469,493(Zimmerman),496,506,513,150(mays missing paper),2(Maris missing corner piece),517(mccovey),536,555,557,563,567

1961 post #6(ford),25(minoso),26,34,35(kaline),40,44,45(yost)46,45,51,52,,56,64,67,77,80(wilhem),86,88,89,90(Bauer),95,98,99,100,107((aaron),120,124,
134,140,145(mays),147(mccovey),150,151,152,153,154,155,161,168(hodges trimmed),169,170,176,190(Martin)

1962 topps #4,5(koufax),6,22,22((121-176),26,37,42,44,57ll,59ll,52(ll Clemente),74,78),81,83,87,89,94,98,100(sphan),101,104,117,117(green),122(green tint),121,128,129,129(green),131(green),133,138(ruth special), 139(ruth hits 60),143(Ruth green),,145,145(green),148,148(green),156,157,158(green)161,161(green),162,162(green),164,165,168(green),176,177(green),186(green),190(portiat),195(green),198,
238,243(Roberts),257,277,278,280(podres),288(williams),294,298,300( mays),305,341,348,350(frank robinson),376,396(frank robinson),398(drysdale),419,466,480,(kueen),350(frank Robinson),496,502,514,517,521,548,556,559,561,564,565,573,578,581,582,583,587,597 rc's

1962 post #5(mantle),136,175,183,193

1962 post Canada #,45,97,121,122(robinson),127,157,186 ashburn

1963 topps#2(ll mantle),8,9,23,24,25(kaline),17,19,24,32,34,41,43,46,48,51(kaline)56,64,67,70,73,74,75,79,81,82,84,86,89,96,99,100,103,106( mays),110,
474,476,477,478,479,480,481,483,485,486,488,491,492,493,497,498,499,501,502,504,506,508,509(large box),510,511,512,516,517,521,528,532,548,551,567,558,561,576

1963 post#12(skowron),19(ford),20,27,28b( batting avg .272),40,,52,55,58,68,76,85,105(kuenn),107(alou),113,115,126,131(robinson plain cap),157,168,169(banks), 198

1963 jello#196,186,151(Matthews),139,119,116.110,90,86,39,36(fox),30,16(Maris)

1963 fleer #36,44,60

1963 peel off# banks,brooks Robinson ,Donovan,davis(trim)

1968 OPc #96

1964 topps#415,5,,21(berra),16,54,105,112,113,129,146(jihn rc),260(frank robinson),305,338,422,460(Gibson),478,530

1964 giants # 9,

1965 topps#4,39,46,49,51,59,61,87,92,169,171,183,189,238,245,264,278,279,

1965 embossed#18,20,51

1965 OPc #5(mantle),6,15,17,25,27,29,36,37,39,40,42,45,46,48,49,50(marichal),55(conigliaro),57,63,70(skowron),71,74(petrocelli),75,76,79,

1966 topps#),2,4,8,10,12,33,42,53,58,65,68,74,78,82,84,86,88,93,104,107,109,113,121,122,,

1967 coke cap

1965 emobossed #16(brooks)

1966 topps rub off #angels,Wynn,harrelson,Stuart,stottlemyre,skowron,menke,fairly,knopp,hart,Farrell,Lewis,Maloney,monbouqette,
Mcauliffe,talbot,dodgers,Floyd Robinson,fregosi,Olivia,callison, Ortega

1967 topps# 5(ford),100(Robinson),121,38,43,62,68,81,86(no trade),89,96,97,166(Matthews),214,215(banks),221,252,279,303,357,360,374,395,401,428,443

1968 s# 7,8,14,20(robinson),23,24,29,32,38,,45seaver),46,50(mays),51,53,59,66,72,(tommy John),73,77,82,85(Gaylord),

1968 topps game# 18,19,

1968 Atlantic oil #6(Powell-red),1(Allison-blue),,pappas(blue)

1969 topps decals # foy,Selma,Monday,mantle,Jenkins,Gonzales,haller,fregosi,aparicio,allen

1969 topps #444(white letter),,38,78,97,98,107,152,329,345,348,360,370,385,403,416,448,449,465(john),498,541,542,551,566,567,580,585,595,602,610,(bunch more)

1969 opc#17,29,35(. Morgan),57,79,83,84,86,87,115,156,218,

1969 deckle#7,22(staub)

1970 topps super#15,18( mays ),25,36(brown sp),40

1970# 69,173,174,198,226,288,296,313,324,320,343(red bat)345,347,360(flood),371,372,380(perez),420,581,591,599,606,608,642,644,646,686,695,703,704,706,707,711,716

1970 booklet #19,10( Jackson)

1970 scratch red back #stargell,Bando,bosman
1971 scratch off -mccarver ( one piece )
197o poster #22,3

1970 OPc # 3,4,7,8,20,28,30,32,46,66,68,72,84,90,92,93,101,105,106,107,112,113,115,127,138,139,

1971 OPc# 1,8,14,19,20(Jackson),28,30,34,36,38,40,53,63,69,72,75,79,81,84,85,87,96,105,108,110,111,118,119,


1972#bunch plus 200,584,603,609,693,701,705,717,718,728,731,748,784

1972 OPc #3,13,21.,31,41,42,44,47,54,56,68,71,81,83,96,102,108,11,115,118,128,

1973 topps # 193(fisk),220(Ryan),472,480,532,577,588(checklist),594,595,607,608,611,612,617,620,623,626,
632,633,635,636,644,649,652 bunch more

1973 opc# 11,112,132,166,223,240,284,302,317,318,354,357,403,343,432,449,460,532,

1973 OPc checklist #royal,braves,red sox,tiger,expos,pirates,a's,padres,giants,rangers,phillies,cardinals,cubs,astro,brewers,

1973 topps checklist#tigers,cubs,braves

1973 Johnny pro stand up cards# orlando Pena,earl weaver,

1974 topps#3,5,6,16,32(Washington),53(Washington),83,120,136,215,263,280(yaz),288,403,637,654(alou error missing position)
Rangers,white sox,phillies

1974 pioneer of baseball #6

1974 OPc team
,angels,royals,rangers,phillies,red sox,tigers,white sox,orioles,brewers,pirates,Yankees,padres,astro,giants,dodgers,reds,

1974 OPc #13,34,61,99,357,373,457,630

1975 OPc #8,14,16,32,35,36,47(John),48,59,85,86,89,91,96,98,103,110,127,131,135,140(Garvey),171,176,188,224,232,

1975 mini#6,11,31,53,64,77,79,110,111,119,127,132,133,143,146,158,159,171,218,224,229,232,251,258,247,

1975 topps bunch of dupes with stars,7,150,185,190,199,257unchecked

1975 xograph #53

1975 hostess# 13,,20,,22,38,64,66,70,72,74,81,132,134,139,140,141,145,146,147

1975 Twinkie #67
1976 hostess#75(powell),106,125

1976 OPc have many

1976 Isaly disc ,lolich,mcbride,,Oliver,stab,,smith,,Watson,may

1977 topps cloth # 16,20,28,39,,50,51

1977 OPc #7,9,14,23,27,28,34,38,46,55,56,59,64,70,75,78,81,82,90,95,101,104,105,106,107,113,117,120,,

1977 burger king yankees#7,9,20

1977 topps #635 plus a bunch more

1977 hostess#2,15,16,26,42,98,136,137,138,,142,143

1978 OPc # 1,2,5,7,19,21,25,31,47,58,77,80,86,88,,92,97,106,109,131,136,141,142,146,149,150,151,159,165,166,167,169,
172,173,176,177,183,185,188,196,206,212,228,238,239,242#3(leaders with foster),4(stolen bases),6 strike out with Ryan and niekro),29(yountwith stains),120(seaver),190(Avery),170(Palmer),207(expos team unchecked

1978 have a ton, 20(rose),206(Ryan)

1979 opc#9(Carlton),352,281,bunch more

1978 hostess#132
1979 Burger King Yankee #,9, 16 and checklist

1979 hostess panel of three#(16,17,18,) and (13,14,15)

1980 bunch and#580ryan,265

1981 tidewater tides minor league#1,3,6,7,10,14,18,19,25

1981-84 have a bunch

1983 Lynchburg mets#21,14(carreon),14(cochrane)

1999 topps power brokers refractors#9,18,19
1990 Pepsi griffeys#6
1991 dondruss glam slammers#2
1989 dondruss glam slammers#6,10
Bunch of 1990 pacific baseball legends
1991 topps cracker jacks#36,25,17,6
1992 topps cracker jacks#15,22
1987 dondruss giants#15,38

FOOTBALL Dupes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"""""""""""""&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Looking trade the 48-51's for the 48-51needs. Would consider year for year and just would need a list of dupes you have so I could check my hidden stash.
1948 leaf#9

1948 bowman#5,10,14,19,25,28,34,35,64,79,89,92,106

1950 bowman#2,3,50,60,61,75,84,94,131,133,140,141

1951 topps magic#1,11,17,12,22,26,28,29,33,34,36(wadiak),42,44,47,50,52,53,61,62(dottley),65(matthew),71,75(Carey)

1951 bowman#5,9,19,31 trim,39,44 trim,68,99,104,113,114,,115,119 trim,123
1952 bowman#26,35

1954 bowman#12(matson),17,29,31,35,36,60(trippi),114,117,125 trim,135,138 trim

1955 topps all american#,24(strong)),29(nomellini),33,,41,44,46,53,54,58,60,75,76,78,79,85(luckman),91,90,92,98,99

1955 bowman #158(benarik),155,140,131,130,128,117,115,114,113,,90,86,84,47,44(perry-trim),40,37(groza),33,25(matson),24,19,3

1956 #20,30,42,54,80,90,91,94,100,102,104,115

1957 #8,16,21,42,51,52,59,62,66,75,120,139,143

1958 topps# 54,77,108

1959 topps #7,8,10(brown ),13,14,18,22,25,27,28,33,35,39,43,45,47,54,56,58,59,63,66,73,77,79,82,86,89,92,93,94,96,97,99,


1960 fleer #43 ,58(blanda),96,100,120,125,129,130,

1961 #16,29,78,81,143,119,120,122(marked),143,198(unmarked),198(marked)
1962 post#71,156
1962 topps #119,143

1963 topps #4,6,7,10,28,29,30,31,40,41,62(ditka),66,69,99,100,101,102,104,106,129(stautner),134,141,144,139,,141,143(nomellini),

1964topps#37,49,60,61,66,77,82 (checklist),97,116,123,128,134,141,156,173

1964 philly#5,9,21,25,26,57,59,87,98,105,109(Tarkienton),113,121,127,158,159,191,192,193,194,196

1966 coke cap -Silas

1965 Philly #197,198 ,196,194,193,186,76(horung),32(ditka)

1967 Philly #4,5,15,16,17,45,51,66,69,86,90,95,116,117,122,164,163,166,198,67(Dawson)

1966 Philly # 4,5,6,9,10,12,16,17,25,26,29,30,32(ditka),36,37,40,44,46,48,51,54,55,65,66,72,74,76,78,91,93,

1966 topps#126,114,106(cannon),100,99,90,85,74,63,53,52,40,30

1967 topps #61(Dawson),98( Namath),30,40,52,54,77,89,90,93,94,95,96,100,121,125(mix),127


1968 willie Richardson standup

1969 topps #2,3,7,14,26(piccolo),50,68,93(nobis),132 no border,68,108,120,121,122,126,129,132,156,163,182,194,219,221,235,236,258 ,263plus more not listed

1969 mini duranko

1970 topps #1(Dawson),12,19,23,24(brown),26,28,33,36,37,40(no is),41,43,46,48,50,51,52,53,56,61,63,67,69,73,74,77,79,80(Tarkienton),84,85(biletnikoff),92,93,94,95,96,
97,99,104,105,106,109,117,1119,120,121,122.124,125,126,127,130(brodie),133,162(csonka),150( Namath ),156,161,166,170(little),191,198,,212,216,217,219,236,237,239,240(alworth),247(dryer),253,254(Maynard),255,256,257,259,,263

1971 topps 4,15,16,17,19(Maynard),23,28,29,30,32,33,34,4042,44,46,49,56,58,59,62,77,82,85,87,90,91,96,101,107,109,115,117

1971 game#field marker

1971 xograph Kellogg's #16,33,47(lamonica),50(biletnikoff),59(Maynard)

1972 topps #225(trakenton),245(Dawson),100(Namath),286 and bunch more

1973 topps # have a bunch plus34(Anderson)115(ham),

1974 topps have a few and checklists #dolphins,patriots,falcon,chief,49ers
1974 topps mail in blank backs#bears,bills!broncos,bengals

1974 Parker house cards#6,9,11,24,32.44,49,52,57,63,75,78,90,95,101,116, both,124,126

1974 wonerbread#1

1975 topps #bunch

1975 schedule checklist#steelers,oilers,patriots

1976 wonerbread#3,7,18,19,24

1977 wonerbread#1
1977 bunch to tradeplus#
78,79 bunch to trade

1985 topps #372(fouts)
1986 1000 yards#1,13,20,22
BASKETBALL dupes@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

1957 topps

1969-70 topps #99

1961 fleer #57

1970-71 topps#12,14,15,19,22,2429,39,41,42,43,44,47,51,52,53,56,58,61,63,66,73,83,101,109,

1971 trio (37,38,39 Alcindor),(16,17,18),(19,20,21),(1a,2a,3a)

1971-72 topps#1,7,11,12,13,15,17,23,24,30(reed),31,33,34,41,45,49,50(west),53,55(maravich-writing,green and Alcindor).56,57,,58(Murphy),63,64,65,(Frazier),66,,68,71,74,75(arsdale)77,,79(Cunningham),81,88,92,94,95(unseld),96,98,99,102,103,105(Hawkins),
108,111,,116,120122,123,125,126,128,129,131,133((camps with Alcindor) ,140,143,144,145,148,150,151,154,158,161,162,

1971 cocoa puffs Harlem gobletrotter#25,24,23,22,21,20,19,18,16,15,14,13,12,11(crease),10,4,5 (big crease),3 (crease)

1971 Harlem globetrotters#3,5,7,8,11,25,30,37,38,39,45,47,48,49,50,51,52,53(gb),53,54,55,56,58,58(gb),62,72,75,78,79,80(gb),80,82,83

1972-73 topps#17,27,28,31,38,49,56(Greer),59,62,68,87,88,,89,97( Bellamy ),108,111,115,126131,,134,135,146,156,166( love),167,170,215,243

1973-74 topps #1,20,40,43,60,145,180,190,205,208,201 bunch to trade

1974-75 topps 2,5,20,22,27,29,32,44,45,47,48,56,59,61,63,65,69,73,79,83,86,88,92,95,99,101,102,107,111,119,

1975 McDonald stand ups #mcginnis,carter,mix

1975-76 topps #bunch to trade

1976-77 topps tall boys #7,10(Lanier),20(archibald),27,33,35,37,48,57,58,59,66(tomjanovich),68,73,76,84,86,88,93(Cunningham),94,95,96,
100(jab bar),103,106,11,112,114,117,119,120(Hayes),122,124,131(Cohen),134,136,137,142

1977-78 #5,6,8,9,11,12,13,14,15,21,22,24,26,28,32,36,37,39,42,43,47,51,52,54,58,59,62,63,64,66,67,68,72,74,75,76,79,

Grey back #3,4,7,8,9,11,18,19,21,23,24,27,36,38,43,49,57,63,72,76,78,79,81,92,94,

1979and 80 have a bunch to trade

Hockey dupe
1969-70 opc#36,223
1969-70 topps #9,122

1971-72 topps #15,35,53,58,67,69,88,91,95,99,128,134,154,166

1974-75 topps#31

1975-76 topps #6,30,125

1976-77 topps#21,28,40,72,106,111,116,139,144,148,160,165,178,202,239

1978-79 have a bunch

nonsport. Dupes*************************************************

1930-40's mallo cup coupons- red square ones with letters C,U,P.... Looking for m,l,o ones

1950 freedoms war4,20,24,50,51,,,82,83,120,145,187,190,199

1952 look and see#49

1952 bowman presidents #7,8,17,18,23,26,27,31,32,35,36

1955 world on wheels#105,100,98,97,93,89,88,82,77,72,68,66,1

1956 flags of the world- topps#10,46,65,71

1956 Davy Crockett green 41a,79a,77a trimmed,72a,71a trimmed,70,61a,51A,22a,23a,24a,26a,30a,32a,35a trimmed,36a(trimmed),39a trimmed,14a,55a,17a,15a,13a,12a,11a,6a,8a,40a,56,61a trimmed,69a,70a,71a,6a,5a,4a,3a

1958 zorro #12,15,18,24,26,46,57,60,63,64,65,66,67,68,75,78,80,85

1959 you'll die laughing #1,3,6,8,11,12,13,15,18,20,25,34,35,36,38,45,48,51,52,54,55,62,64

1959 three stooges#49,48

1963 Beverly hillibies#19

1964 Addams family#

1965 James bonds #4,8,17,20,25,32,38,39

1965 superman#27

1965 King Kong #1,4,8,19,31,32,44

1965 war bulletin#7,15,21,22,24,26,47,61,62

1965 man from uncle #42

Green berets#4

1966 marvel #14,40

1966 batman riddler black backs #7 ,9,11,13,19,22,24,28,29,31,37

1966 batman red bat #13a

1966 batman bluebat#,9b(blue bat on back),33bb(blue bat on back)

1966 batman black bat#15,34,49,50,51
1966 batman batt laffs#11,40

1996 get smart#3,4,9,30,66

1967 garrisons gorillas #19,43

1966 Tarzan #3,19,28,38,39,47,

1967 planet of apes green backs#3,7,8,10,11,12,18,20,30,35,37,39,40,44

Man on moon #69

1973 you'll die laughing opc#9,52,

1973 good times #20

1974 planet of apes#15,43,45,63

1974 Evel knievel#7,13,19,,21,23,31,44,45,53

1974 and75 marvel stickers #submarner,black widow,the living mummy,Kung fu

1975 hysterical history stickers #1,5,8,9,10,11,12,16,17,25,27,32,43,45,46,53,54

1975 Kodak trading cards..inquire

1976 King Kong cards and stickers...plenty just send list

1976 topps star trek

1977 Charlie angel cards and stickers...bunch just send list

1977 Star Wars red and blue series dupes and stickers...ask or send list

1978 battle star galactic card..many ask
1978 kiss #12,14,51,49

Dupes of other stuff if need you can send a list
1990-93 comicball upper deck baseball
1986 garbage pail kids
1989 teenage mutant ninja turtles
1995 image spawn
1998 Ty beanie baby
1999 wwf smack down
1992 the Elvis collection
Le May American car collection
1992 pyqcc muscle 2 cards
1990 titian sports classic wwf cards. Hulk hogan auto on card#90
1991 upper deck looney tunes comicball
1993 lune trogons
1990 Simpsons
1996 abbot & Costello
1995 cyber force
1995 comic images chromium
1997 warrior nun areala
1996 witch blade
1995 gen13






have some 1981 dondruss wrappers for trade

my Baseball wants:

2005 helmar Extra's for trade:
Ki Ki Culyler
Johnny Evers
J. Crutchfield
Sadayoshi Fujimoto
Tokujin Lida
Darnell Knox

2002 post
If possible in the plastic bag unopen
I need #4,6,8,13,16,21,22,23,24,25,26,29,30

I have dupes in plastic bag unopened..some have sticky on them
2002 post #2,7,10,18,28

1991 post #5

>> > 1990 mother cookies - canseco-3,4

1991 Pepsi grifffeys # 1,2,3,4, ( dupe-6)

>> > 1991 topps traded #101 grey backs which came from packs and not factory seal set

1992 topps #545,565(lee smith),

>> > 1990 topps traded 92(perry)
>> > 1987 dondruss rookies #1(McGuire),35(cone)
>> > 1989 dondruss rookies#53(vasquel),15(Martinez),3(Griffey)

>> > 1990 kmart super stars #20
>> > 1991 fleer update #49(Williams),62(Rodriguez),119(perry)
>> > 1989 score rookies and traded #100(Griffey),106(belle)
>> > 1989 fleer updated #3(finely),53(sax),114(King)
>> > 1990 fleer updated #53(lee smith),68(schilling),103(perry),128(olerud)
>> > 1988 fleer Updated 8(lee smith),58(cotto),69(wells),74(smoltz),85(oniel)
>> > 1987 topps traded #,28(Dempsey

>> > 1989 ud #1(Griffey)
1989 upper deck second set#1,9(jefferies)

>> > > 1991 bowman#255(Griffey),272(Rodriguez),362(raines),405(perry)

1990 bowman#259(holies)

1989 fleer
#173- blue target above head

1990 dj southern leauge all-stars
#5(mcrae),11(thomas),13(zosky),29(luis gonzales),31(hunter),44(thomas),46(thomas & connie)

1992 classic 1 with "t" in front of the #'s

1994 staduim club sub set"super team card set of 28 and will take stamped ones from the following #'s 1.3,7,19,26 which were the winning teams to mail in and get
the prizes.
they are almost equal looking cards from the base set with the front writing in gold w/ black lettering which says"super team card". the back has a bunch of rules on them instead of stats witht he bottom right having a # to it. need#1,2,3,5,7,9,12,14,15,17,23,24,26,28
have#16,19 ,22 extra
Have dupe of #4 of 12 Ripken express

1994 stadium club rainbow gold set. They look exactly as the regular set except the last name is in gold foil instead of red. 720 in set.Also have a bunch extra to trade with:
(* means In trade) 24 left
need: # 20,448,450,499,529,532,535,539,540,541,547,550,553(lee smith),571,

1994 dugout dirt #11 of 11

1994 upperdeck electric diamonds - silver backs (have dupes to trade)

Gold backs

I have silver dupe#58,68,86,89,97,99,137,1521,184,250 and gold #237,238,187,157,124,123,103,100,84,58

1999 topps big cards

2000 upper deck ovation #70

2000 fleer ultra (* means in trade)
251,255,257(randy wolf),261,270,273,275,276,278,279,282,284,289,292

2001 fleer tradition
25,40,113,254,263,272,380,413,417,421,440,444.last checklist from 407-450

2012 1st bowman #bp40,82,90

For newer Football:

1992 proline profiles inserts
#2 of 9,#6 of 9


For newer Basketball:

1996-97 hoops series 1

1997 wheels
#1,4,9,10,15,17,18,28,30,32,34 and up
have some extra#12,13,14,26,27,29,31

non sport wants(interested in all older stuff)********+++++++++++++++++++++

1992 upperdeck football comicball #1,7,16,22,27,28,30,34,36,

1992 marvel "the mcfarlane era spiderman" set (blue backs)

1992 sterling country gold cards in exmt

1992 academy of country music

1992 proset beauty & beast
inserts- scracth & see#2,3,4,9
color in#1,9,10

tex 1993 press pass johnson storm tribe

1995 fleer ultra xmen alternate x :set done
have these extra's

1995 fleer ultra spiderman masterpieces insert
Need #4

1995 fleer ultra hunters and stackers #3,5

1995 fleer ulta x-men lethal weapons

1995 fleer ultra spiderman clear chrome
Need #1,5,8,10

1995 fleer ultra x limited edition
need #3,4,5,7,9

2006 ink works lost season 2 -#66 have a bunch to trade
2004 angel season five -#17 have a bunch to trade

2012 James Bond 50 anniversary gold set#need all even numbers. For some reason I have all odd numbers except #199,43. Have a bunch to trade of odd #'s and regular plain black and white set

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