Boog Powell

Nominated by: Rick Lyons

Career Stats


Why did Rick Lyons nominate Boog Powell for the HOM?

As a kid in the Northwest we didn't have a home town baseball team so the Orioles were my favorite team. I related to Boog because I was big and played first base but mainly I had a nickname since I was born and all my family members called me through most of my life, and a few still do. I hated it but could never shake it. I got comfort in this ballplayer having almost the same name and was doing OK and maybe a little proud of it. If you haven't guessed yet it was "Boob". Rick

Card Checklist

YEAR / SET                               CARD

======================================== ====

1962 TOPPS                                 99

1963 TOPPS                                398

1964 TOPPS                                 89

1965 TOPPS                                560

1966 TOPPS                                167

1967 TOPPS                                230

1968 TOPPS                                381

1969 TOPPS                                 15

1970 TOPPS                                410

1971 TOPPS                                700

1972 TOPPS                                250

1973 TOPPS                                325

1974 TOPPS                                460

1975 TOPPS                                625

1976 TOPPS                                 45

1977 TOPPS                                206

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