Bob Borkowski

Nominated by: Wes Shepard

Career Stats


Why did Wes Shepard nominate Bob Borkowski for the HOM?

A couple years ago, my step father called and asked if I knew who Bob Borkowski is. I said ya! I have a card of his, Reds outfielder in the early 50s. Why?

He told me that he was friends with Borkowski's nephew or son, or something. Anyhow, I was automatically invited to brunch with the old Reds player! I met the then 85 or 86 year old at the diner. He thought, "who in sam heck is this young 30 year old who knows me?" Bob was pleased I knew a bit about the old Reds. He spoke of playing with big Klu and Nuxhall with the Reds, and later being good buddies with Dodgers players like Duke Snider. To my surprise, Bob is sharp as a tack! Very mobile on his feet, but now "blind as a bat" as he says.


Card Checklist

YEAR / SET                  CARD

=========================== ====

1952 Topps                   328

1953 Topps                   7

1954 Topps                   138

1955 Topps                   74

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