Bill Lee

Nominated by: Chris Stufflestreet

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Why did Chris Stufflestreet nominate Bill Lee for the HOM?

I've thought about this for a month now and gone through several worthy candidates. As a lifelong Yankee fan who remembers the 1970s teams well, I thought about guys like Roy White, Sparky Lyle, Graig Nettles and Thurman Munson. Bobby Murcer's already in. I disallowed Piniella because he'll probably find his way to the HOF as a manager. I really wanted to say Billy Martin; however, I decided to break from the Yankees and go to the despised Red Sox for my HOM candidate...

(Drum Roll, please...)

I am pleased to induct Bill ("Spaceman") Lee into OBC's Hall of Mediocrity. Since I read the Nash & Zullo book "Baseball Hall of Shame" as a 12 year-old, I have harbored something of a soft spot in my heart for Lee (as well as a number of baseball's many notorious flakes). Despite being remembered for telling a Boston newswriter about having marijuana pancakes for breakfast, he was a decent pitcher who was overshadowed by his eccentric behavior.


Card Checklist

YEAR / SET              CARD

======================= ====

1971 Topps                58

1972 Topps               636

1973 Topps               224

1974 Topps               118

1975 Topps               128

1976 Topps               396

1977 Topps               503

1978 Topps               295

1979 Topps               455

1980 Topps                97

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