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---- A ----
Shawn Adkins   e-mail   wantlist   52 - 68 Topps and variations 52 - 80. Also beginning type card collection upto 1980. Any St. Louis Cardinals related; team issue, jay publishing, odd ball, pre-war, obscure, minor league, etc.
Carlos Alcazar  e-mail    '54-'55 Bowman and '56, '60, '70, '76, '79 Topps Baseball, some late '70s and '80s hockey and Joe Carter cards.
George Altemose   e-mail   wantlist    T205, T206, T218, T220, Topps and Bowman 1950-1976, scorecards, yearbooks, trade cards and books.
Dan Angland   e-mail   wantlist    50's/60's, NY Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Yankee cards, 1966 Philadelphia football.
Anthony Arbeeny   e-mail   wantlist    collect mainly baseball from the 50's and 60's including insert sets. Strongly working on 1970 and 1972 baseball to finish the decade. Also interested in 1957 to 1979 football ,78 basketball , 79 hockey along with non-sports cards from the 60's up.
Mark Atnip   e-mail   wantlist    Pre-war sets in less than VG.
Dan Austin   e-mail   wantlist   1948-1979 baseball including Topps, Bowman, T-206, Fleer, Post, Kellogg's, Hostess, Red Man, Leaf, OPC and other assorted oddball issues. Also pre-1973 football and basketball.
---- B ----
Bob Bannon   e-mail   wantlist   I collect primarily Topps baseball and am working on 50's and 60's sets.
Jim Beauchemin   e-mail   wantlist   Baseball 1951-1980
Paul Biggs   e-mail   wantlist   Baseball, hockey, basketball, type cards, non-sport, also interested in oddball stuff, autographed items, and old equipment.
---- C ----
Geordie Calvert   e-mail   wantlist  Baseball: 57/65-66/70-74/Team Cards/Dodger team sets/Brett Butler/Rick Monday, Football:69-70/72-73/75-79/Rams team sets
Stephen Carter   e-mail   wantlist   T-206, 1952-1967 Topps, 1970 Fleer.
Joe Cerullo   e-mail      1951-1952 Topps, 1948-55 Bowman, T206, T207, and some oddball stuff like Red Man W/tabs and 1955 Tops doubleheaders, 1960 Leaf, etc.
Doug Chamberlain   e-mail   wantlist   pre-war thru pre-70 baseball
Brad Chambers  e-mail  wantlist  1955-1973 Topps.
Yuk Chow   e-mail   wantlist   50's to 70's Topps.
Dan Cipra   e-mail   wantlist   1960-1971 Topps sets.
Glenn Codere  e-mail  wantlist   Detroit Tigers cards/Auto'd 8x10s/memorabilia, 1960-1978 Topps Baseball, Inserts, 1970-1972 Kellogg's 3D Baseball, Baseball Digest.
Dan Coen  e-mail  wantlist   1970 Topps Baseball, Pre-1975 Football
Jerry Coker   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-war baseball, 1952 and 1955 Bowman Baseball, 1954-1980 Topps Baseball, 1964 Topps Beatles, and 1972 Topps Football.
John Collins   e-mail      50's - 60's sets, 50's - 70's stars.
Greg Conway   e-mail   wantlist   1960'scards.
Andy Cook   e-mail   wantlist   Oddball pre-war baseball,'52 and '68 Topps, Sportkings.
James Cooper   e-mail   wantlist   1960-1979 Topps Baseball.
Bob Corvello   e-mail   wantlist   '50s and '60s baseball.
Al Cummings   e-mail   wantlist   '75 Topps minis, '60 Topps, Ryan, Griffey, Thomas, Puckett, parallel sets.
Dick Cummings   e-mail   wantlist   Baseball.
---- D ----
Bob D'Angelo   e-mail   wantlist 1952-67 Topps, 1975-79 Topps, 1955 Bowman, 1961-62 Fleer, 1964 Topps Giants, oddball sets.
Doug DeJong   e-mail   wantlist   Topps 57-78 and Minnesota Twins items
Wayne Delia   e-mail   wantlist   1939-41 Play Ball, 1948-50 Bowman, 1952 and 1954 Red Man, 1949 Remar Bread, 1936 Goudey Premiums, T53 Cowboys.
Jeff Delott   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1975 cards.
Mike Diamanti   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-war, '40s, '50s and '60s cards.
Terry Dietrick   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1980 Topps, Pirates memorabilia, Clemente stuff.
Sal Domino   e-mail   wantlist   Mets, '68 Topps, '52 Bowman, '71 Topps Coin #74 (Boog Powell).
Brett Domue   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-war HOFers, HOF Rookies, small "oddball" sets.
Bob Donaldson   e-mail  wantlist   '33-'34 Goudeys, T206s and early '50s Topps/Bowman.
Joe Duffy   e-mail   wantlist   '50s and '60s baseball and some football.
Brian Dwyer   e-mail   wantlist   1951-1979 Topps with focus on 1952 and 1970-1979, 1970 Fleer WS
---- E ----
Scott Earle   e-mail  wantlist   Collecting complete Topps & Bowman Baseball run and all Brooks Robinson & Cal Ripken Jr cards. plus some football, basketball & hockey
Rick Ellison   e-mail  wantlist   Reds, Yankees, Giants, Angels, As, Braves, Brewers, baseball books, memorabilia
---- F ----
Dave Fallen   e-mail   wantlist   1955-1969 Topps, any Earl Averill (Sr. or Jr.)
Bob Farrell   e-mail   wantlist Pre-'73 baseball.
Ben Fisher   e-mail      Pre-war tobacco and candy cards.
Robert Fitts   e-mail   wantlist   Old baseball cards, Japanese baseball cards.
Joel Freedman  e-mail  wantlist   Boston Red Sox, 1960 and 1961 Fleer, 1969, 1970, 1972 and 1973 Topps, Topps World Series Leader and Hall of Fame Cards.
---- G ----
Larry Gersbach   e-mail   wantlist   Completing 1949-1955Bowman & 1955-1974 Topps sets.
Rob Gioia II   e-mail   wantlist   ANYTHING Brooklyn DODGERS.......new old reprint pictures....anything...t206's 55 bowman 57/62/63/69/76 Topps
Joel Glickman   e-mail  
Spike Glidden   e-mail   wantlist   40s and 50s Bowman, 50s Topps, any #5 card, and players Steve Garvey, David Segui, Spike Owen, and Jamie Quirk.
Ken Goetsch   e-mail   wantlist   Looking to complete Topps Baseball set run from 1962 thru 1974. Football Topps 1963 and Topps 1975 thru 1982, Basketball - Topps 69/70, 75/76, 76/77.
Kent Goto   e-mail   wantlist   Topps sets '55-present, old Dodger and Cardinals team sets.
John Scott Gray   e-mail  wantlist   Topps and Bowman sets, '41 Double-Play, 60s Post sets, 70s Hostess sets, some OPC, any Carlton Fisk.
Joe Greco   e-mail   wantlist  
Erik Greenwood   e-mail   wantlist   T-218, T-220, 1952-1957 Topps/Bowman, 1960's Topps.
Randy Griffin   e-mail   wantlist   Topps baseball sets from the '60s and '70s. Any Giants cards or memorabilia.
---- H ----
Mike Hair   e-mail      '52, '54 and '60-'66 Topps, Post Cereal '61-'63.
Richard Hankins   e-mail      '50s and '60s baseball, pre-1948 type cards.
John Harrell   e-mail   wantlist   T205, 1932 US Caramel, George C. Miller, Sport Kings, 33, 35, 38, 41Goudey, 33 Tattoo Orbit, R312 pastel premiums, Maranville How To folders,48-55 Bowman, 59 Fleer, 52-68 & 72 Topps.
Jim Hatch   e-mail   T212 Obaks; E96 Philadelphia Caramel; W512 and W513 strip cards; E220 National Caramel; Pre-war type cards; Duffy Lewis cards; T220 boxing; Topps baseball sets from 1954, 1960 and 1967 through 1972; Hostess cards; 1966 OPC baseball; pocket schedules from any sport.
Brock Hattox   e-mail   wantlist   '60s-'80s baseball.
George Hay   e-mail   wantlist    Pre-'70 Yankees, '54 Bowman, other early Bowman, old stars including Banks, Cepeda, J. Robinson, Campanella, Koufax, Clemente, and Pee Wee Reese, Pre-WW2 issues.
Matt Heilenman  e-mail   wantlist  
Steve Hitzeman   e-mail   wantlist  
Mark Holland   e-mail   wantlist   Looking to complete the following sets, any condition: Topps Baseball 60,62,65,66,67,71,72,75 minis & 80.
David Hornish   e-mail   wantlist   Topps baseball cards and inserts 1955-1972, Topps type cards through 1980.
Tom Housley   e-mail   wantlist   Topps 1952-67, Bowman to 1955, Fleer 1959-1971, Kellogg's 1970-1977, any T-206 or 1930's Goudey
---- I ----
Joe Isaac   e-mail   wantlist   50's and 60's baseball
Peter Iversen   e-mail   wantlist   T205, 1952 Topps (Horizontals only), any 1953 card, 1956, 1962 and 1964 Topps Baseball, 1961 Parkhurst and Topps Hockey, 1970 OPC Hockey All Stars, Van Lingle Mungo collection, ALL pre 1980 Dodger (Superbas, Robins) items.
---- J ----
---- K ----
Rick Keating   e-mail   wantlist   '54, '56, '60, '65, '71-'75 Topps, Cardinals.
Earl Kilbourn   e-mail   wantlist   Detroit Tigers cards, Charlie Maxwell memorabilia.
Richard Kimball   e-mail   wantlist   t206, Goudey, Playball, 1948-55 Bowman, 1951-1980 Topps, 1959-1963 Fleer, Redman, Kelloggs, Hostess, Post, also Football, Hockey, Basketball.
Mike Kinney   e-mail     
Todd Knowles   e-mail   wantlist   Yaz, older Red Sox, '54 and '71 Topps, '54 Bowman, Darold Knowles, Dave McNally.
David Kolenda   e-mail     Pre-'72 baseball.
---- L ----
John Leroux   e-mail   wantlist   Collecting cards for the 60's and finishing up the 70's sets
Joshua Levine   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-'73 Phillies, '71 Topps, pre-'80 star cards in any condition.
Brian Lindholme   e-mail  wantlist   Pre-war and other vintage cards.
Ray Luurs   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1980 Baseball cards.
---- M ----
Mark Macrae   e-mail   wantlist   Pacific Coast League Cards & Memorabilia (1903-1957 ONLY), California League Baseball (Pre-1960 ONLY), Major League Baseball (Pre 1945 ONLY)
Bill Malson   e-mail   wantlist   Topps baseball sets '59-'62, Indians '48-'68, Football '58-'61.
Gary Mandell   e-mail   wantlist   Looking to complete the following sets, preferably in VG or better: Topps Baseball 52-72, Topps and Philadelphia Football 56-92, Topps Basketball 71-72. Also collects Batman and Beatles cards.
Kevin Martens   e-mail   wantlist   1952, 1953, 1957, 1961, 1963-1979 Baseball.
Sean McGowan   e-mail   wantlist   '51-'67 Topps, current Topps, Ripken, '60s Batman cards.
John McLaughlin   e-mail   wantlist   Any Tigers, especially Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Mark Fidrych,'74-'98 Topps.
Peter Mead   e-mail   wantlist   All four sports, pre-1980 Topps baseball, mid-50's and 60's food issues and type cards
Greg Miller   e-mail      Baseball, basketball and football sets '50s-'70s. Older exhibit cards.
Lynn Miller   e-mail   wantlist   1952-1967 Topps, Hank Aaron.
Jim Moleta   e-mail   wantlist   52 Topps, 60's Topps, 49-50 Bowman, T206, 33 Goudey, 39-40 Play Ball, 75Topps Mini, 76 Hostess, 78 Topps Football...and more!
Kent Montgomery   e-mail   wantlist   1952 through 1979 Topps including any and all Pirate cards
George Moore   e-mail   wantlist   Topps Sets 1951-53, 1955-59, 1962-67.
Howard Morgan   e-mail   wantlist   T-3s, T207s, Spaulding Guides, Harper Weekly woodprints and oddball Phillie memorabilia.
Ken Morganti   e-mail   wantlist   '52, '69 Topps baseball.
Carl Mura   e-mail   wantlist   Early 20th century cards.
---- N ----
Bob Neill   e-mail   wantlist   '48, '72, Post and Jello '61, '63 Fleer, '53 Topps hi #s, sports related cereal boxes.
Tim Newcomb   e-mail   wantlist   Nearly all pre-war cards, Bowman and Topps through 1968, Cincinnati Reds items.
---- O ----
Kit Okamuro   e-mail   wantlist   50s and 60s baseball
---- P ----
Chuck Paris   e-mail   wantlist   T200's, T206's, 1935 Goudey's, Pre-war type cards, sets from the 50's to the mid-60's ,and Al Kaline.
Gary Pearce   e-mail   wantlist  
Ron Perry   e-mail   wantlist  Any and all pre-'70 Tigers, '50s-'70s baseball, football, hockey.
Robert Pigeon   e-mail   wantlist   Topps sets from 1956 to 1980.
Ed Pike   e-mail   wantlist   1950's, 1960's, and 1977 Topps baseball cards. Also hockey cards and track and field cards.
John Pugsley   e-mail   wantlist   1953 Topps, 1955 Topps, 1956 Topps, 1968 Card Game, 1973 Topps
Dave Purdham   e-mail   wantlist   '62 -'70 Topps sets.
---- Q ----
---- R ----
Grant Rainsley   e-mail   wantlist   Early '60s Topps, '65-'67 OPC, '63 Fleer, Post Canadian.
Roger Raum   e-mail   wantlist   '62-'80 Topps sets.
Bob Reed   e-mail   wantlist   '50s and '60s baseball and some football.
Don Rice   e-mail   wantlist   Baseball, hockey, football, basketball, and some non-sport from 1948 to 1979, including food issues, oddballs, Coke caps, and inserts
Mike Rich   e-mail   wantlist   Collects all 4 major sports and multi-sport sets such as Berk Ross & Wheaties. Loves variations & oddballs such as Coke caps, Salada Coins & trying to make headwy on prewar issues.
Steve Rittenberg   e-mail   wantlist   Older sets, Red Sox.
Richard Robinson   e-mail   wantlist   Baseball and football cards from the 1950's.
---- S ----
Jeff Sackmann   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1920 Tobacco and Caramel.
Bob Saxton   e-mail   wantlist   '53-'55 Bowman, '53-'58 Topps, '60s Fleer, autographed '50s Sport magazine photos of baseball players.
Sassy Schoenrock   e-mail     
Ed Schott   e-mail   wantlist   Any Orioles, Baltimore Colts and Baltimore Bullets, 64 and 65 Topps.
Matt Shirley   e-mail      50's and 60's Topps baseball.
Jim Silva   e-mail   wantlist   Topps from Redbacks, 54, 60, 71 through 80 and some newer stuff. Also Bowman 48 and 50 as well as some Kelloggs.
Jeff Sinclair   e-mail   wantlist   1961-1979 Topps
David Skoglund   e-mail   wantlist   Pre-'82 baseball.
Doug Smith   e-mail      1948-58 Topps and Bowman, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, T-206's, Goudey Wide Pens.
Rex Stahlman   e-mail   wantlist  50's, 60's, and 70's Topps, any Tony Gwynn.
Tom Steinbroner   e-mail   wantlist  
John Storman   e-mail   wantlist  
Chris Stufflestreet   e-mail   wantlist   Topps ('51-'78), Bowman ('48-'55), Pittsburgh Steelers ('35-'90), and some tobacco and gum cards
Keith Summers   e-mail   wantlist   All items in "ANY" condition of: Ed Summers, Ollie Brown, Jim Nash, Champ Summers, Rocker, Kris Benson, pre-63 Pirates & pre-70Raiders. Minor & Senior LG, oddball, mags, photos & multiples are great!
Rick Svetecz   e-mail   wantlist   Johnny Callison, Phillies, '66-'67 Topps.
Pat Sweeney   e-mail   wantlist   1959, 1960, 1966, 1968, 1969 Topps, Kelloggs, Hostess and Prewar "Sweeney" Cards.
---- T ----
Mark Talbot   e-mail   wantlist   Old Baseball.
Frank Thomas   e-mail   wantlist   (Honorary Member) "The Original" - played from 1951-1966.   '50s and '60s Topps. (Frank's wantlist is kept up to date by Dave Kolenda).
Neal Thomas   e-mail   wantlist   Topps Baseball from 1958-1976, '59 Fleer Ted Williams, and '60 Fleer.
Larry Tipton   e-mail   wantlist   Old Topps and Bowman sets in any, yes ANY, condition.
---- U ----
Jason Ursaner   e-mail   wantlist  
---- V ----
George Vrechek   e-mail   wantlist   '40s and '50s baseball,'50s and '60s football, also type cards, variations, and exhibits.
---- W ----
Geno Wagner   e-mail   wantlist   T206,1933 Goudey, 1941 Playball, 1951-55 Bowman, 1960-61 Fleer, 1951-70Topps.
Art Wainwright   e-mail   wantlist   '50s-'70s Topps baseball.
Father Pat Wattigny   e-mail   wantlist   Topps 1951-, Bowman 1948-55, Post and Kellogg's 60's-80's, Steve Garvey, Jim Kaat, Tommy John, Manny Mota, Phil Niekro, Bill Russell, Yaz, Elmer Valo and Gus Zernial
Marshall West   e-mail   wantlist   1952 Bowman, 60's Post Cereal, 60's Jello, 1963 & 1968 Topps.
Jim Wiehe   e-mail   wantlist   '50s-'70s baseball and football, non sports type cards, Twins and Vikings.
Mike Wierzbicki   e-mail   wantlist   Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Braves, '60s-'70s Topps sets.
Tom Williams   e-mail      '68 Topps, Griffey Jr.
Kevin Wolf   e-mail   wantlist   Twins.
Terry Woods   e-mail      "One timers" - players with one card, pre-'75 sets.
Mac Wubben   e-mail   wantlist   Topps 1955-1980, T206.
---- X ----
---- Y ----
---- Z ----
Mark Zentkovich   e-mail   wantlist   Redskins, '60s baseball.
Larry Zurawski   e-mail   wantlist   '50s thru '70s baseball, old basketball.
---- In Memory Of ----
Kevin Lohse
Bob "ZZ" Miller
Rick Redpath   family e-mail   tribute  
John Ball III

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