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---- A ----
Joe Adriance    (OBC Member since 04/28/11)  e-mail   wantlist   1952-1975 Topps, Boston Red Sox Team Sets, HOFers and anything pre-war
Carlos Alcazar    (OBC Member since 8/96)  e-mail   wantlist   '54-'55 Bowman, 60, 61, 68, 70 and 75 Topps Baseball.
Dan Angland    (OBC Member since 5/04)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps Run 52-79, 50's/60's, NY Giants, Brooklyn Dodgers and NY Yankee cards, 1966 Philadelphia football,1972 Topps Football.
Anthony Arbeeny    (OBC Member since 10/03)  e-mail   wantlist   Collect mainly baseball from the 50's and 60's including insert sets and opee chee. Strongly working on Basketball & Football to finish the decade of the 70's. Also interested in 1954 to 1969 football and 2 hockey sets in early 70's,along with non-sports
Bill Ashton    (OBC Member since July 2007)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball 1950's to 1970's Topps, Milwaukee Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, Green Bay Packers, and Brett Favre
Dan Austin    (OBC Member since 11/99)  e-mail   wantlist   1948-1979 baseball including Topps, Bowman, Fleer, Post, Kellogg's, Hostess, Red Man, Leaf, OPC and other assorted oddball issues. Also pre-1973 football and basketball.
---- B ----
Bob Bannon    (OBC Member since 6/03)  e-mail   wantlist   A short list of cards needed to finish 50's and 60's sets. Working on T206, and exhibit collections. Favorite pastime lately is typecard set; 1 card from each set ever printed 1878-1980.
Gary Beard    (OBC Member since 10/1/12)  e-mail   wantlist   Just completed my Topps run back to 1969...looking forward to completing it back through the '50s. Looking forward to beginning a pre-war collection.
Rob Bessette    (OBC Member since 10/09/13)  e-mail   wantlist   Working on a Topps run of sets. So anything from 1952-1980. Also working on most Bowman sets.
Brian Betza    (OBC Member since 12/28/05)  e-mail   wantlist   Main focus is on a complete Pirate team set collection--Numerous vintage baseball and football sets in any condition. Recently added some hockey and basketball sets as well.
Tom Billing    (OBC Member since 3/12/10)  e-mail   wantlist   I collect baseball and football cards from 1948 through 1964 and seek out variation and error cards to acquire.
---- C ----
Geordie Calvert    (OBC Member since 11/96)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball: Dodgers sets: Diamond Stars, Red Man, Bell Brand and Post. Full sets: '65, '66, '68, '70, '72. Football: Rams sets: '52 Bowman large. Full sets: 1970-1978.
Jason Christopherson    (OBC Member since 3/13/2010)  e-mail   wantlist   Primary goal is to complete a Topps run, but I love all old cardboard in any condition.
Dan Cipra    (OBC Member since 3/94)  e-mail   wantlist   1960-1971 Topps sets.
Glenn Codere    (OBC Member since 7/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Detroit Tigers cards & memorabilia (all eras),Bobby Thomson,1957-67 ToppsBB&Inserts,1971Kellgg3DBB,Baseball Digest,1968-73Topps&OPCHockey, DetRedWings&Lions cards, 1969-1972ToppsFB,ToppsHeritage
Jerry Coker    (OBC Member since 1/99)  e-mail   wantlist   Larry Doyle, T-205 Giants, T-206 Giants, 1950's, 1960's and 1970's Topps baseball. 1964 Topps Beatles, and 1972 Topps Football.
Greg Conway    (OBC Member since 11/96)  e-mail   wantlist   50's, 60's and 70's Baseball.
Andy Cook    (OBC Member since 12/98)  e-mail   wantlist   Zeenuts, most prewar PCL cards, Hages Dairy, many regional sets and a few Bowman and Topps sets and untrimmed T205, T206, T207
James Cooper    (OBC Member since 9/97)  e-mail   wantlist   1960-1979 Topps Baseball.
Bob Corvello    (OBC Member since 11/91)  e-mail   wantlist   '50s and '60s baseball.
Nick Covello    (OBC Member since 8/26/2010)  e-mail   wantlist   Football Topps and Fleer 1955-76 Baseball Topps 1954-68 Basketball Topps 1969 Any condition will do. Thanks
---- D ----
Bob D'Angelo    (OBC Member since 11/97)  e-mail   wantlist   1952-59 Topps, 1961-64 Topps, 1967 Topps, 1955 Bowman, 1961-62 Fleer, 1964 Topps Giants, oddball sets.
John Dahms    (OBC Member since 2008-04-22)  e-mail   wantlist   collects vintage baseball and football from topps and bowman sets. starting vintage basketball and hostess and kelloggs baseball in 2014
Doug DeJong    (OBC Member since 2/95)  e-mail   wantlist   50-s - 70's sets. Priority sets are 1954 Bowman, 1956 Topps, 1957 Topps, and the few remaining Kellogg's cards from the 70s.
Wayne Delia    (OBC Member since 8/94)  e-mail   wantlist   1939-41 Play Ball, 1948-50 Bowman, 1952 and 1954 Red Man, 1949 Remar Bread, 1936 Goudey Premiums, T53 Cowboys.
Jeff Delott    (OBC Member since 11/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1972 cards.
Joe Denning    (OBC Member since 2011)  e-mail   wantlist   Collecting Pete Rose, 50's to 70's Baseball and Football. Starting to collect vintage basketball as well as non-sports, some NASCAR, and some UV. Please look at all of my links. Thanks.
Mike Diamanti    (OBC Member since 8/95)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-war, '40s, '50s cards.
Michael Dillon    (OBC Member since 9/26/10)  e-mail   wantlist   Trying to complete any Topps set
Richard Dingman    (OBC Member since 12/14/08)  e-mail   wantlist   Building baseball set runs '51 - '72 (Topps), '48 - '55 (Bowman), '33 Goudey, vintage non-sport and second sets. Interested in variations, and seriously mc on front cards (any year, sport or non-sport). Happy to accept cards in any whole condition.
Sal Domino    (OBC Member since 10/92)  e-mail   wantlist   OPC Mets, Variations, Brooklyn Dodgers, Islanders, NY Rangers HOMer- Bud Harrelson
Bob Donaldson    (OBC Member since 1/99)  e-mail   wantlist   American Caramel (E121), 41 DoublePlay, 1921-24 Exhibits , T202s 67 Topps, 71 Bazooka.
---- E ----
Scott Earle    (OBC Member since 2001)  e-mail   wantlist   focusing on: BASEBALL, BOXING & BASKETBALL / any card of : BROOKS ROBINSON, CAL RIPKEN JR, GIL HODGES, LANCE PARRISH....1960 Leaf BB / 1963 Fleer BB / 1969 Topps Deckle Edge / any Brooklyn Dodgers cards
Tom Elliott    (OBC Member since 09/25/10)  e-mail   wantlist   I'm focused on completing my 1960s and 1970s Topps sets, but love anything old. Condition is generally unimportant.
Jake Elwell    (OBC Member since 8/26/12)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-73 Topps baseball & hockey sets, especially 67-72. Subsets for Yaz, vintage Red Sox and Bruins.
---- F ----
Dave Fallen    (OBC Member since 3/99)  e-mail   wantlist   Vintage PCL, especially Seattle Rainiers. 1955-1969 Topps, any Earl Averill (Sr. or Jr.)
Rob Fitts    (OBC Member since )  e-mail   wantlist   Starting Nine players for every team since 1957, Topps sets, Japanese cards, type cards
Joel Freedman    (OBC Member since 3/04)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball (Bowman 1949-1955 Topps 1951 - 1972, Kellogs, Post) Football (Philadelphia, Topps, Post)
---- G ----
Larry Gersbach    (OBC Member since 2/00)  e-mail   wantlist   1948-1955 Bowman, 1951-1969 Topps, 1961-63 Post & Jello, Hostess & Twinkies Pre 1970 Fleer, Redman, Goudey, Leaf, Playball, Red Heart, Batter Ups, Double Plays, T206, T205, American Caramel, MP&Co, Diamond Stars.
Joel Glickman    (OBC Member since 3/93)  e-mail   wantlist  
Matthew Glidden    (OBC Member since 1/98)  e-mail   wantlist   Any grade is great. My type collection is any card #5 (actual number, not alphabetical assignment). Also collect players Steve Garvey, David Segui, Spike Owen, and Jamie Quirk.
Ken Goetsch    (OBC Member since 2/03)  e-mail   wantlist   Looking to complete Topps Baseball set run from 1959-68. Football Topps 1960-1972, Also collecting any Green Bay Packers, and Milwaukee Brewers cards any year any condition.
Kent Goto    (OBC Member since 1/92)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps sets '55-present, Bowman sets '48-54, old Dodger,Cardinals,Red Sox, Giants, A's and Washington Senator team sets.
John Scott Gray    (OBC Member since 7/03)  e-mail   wantlist   JSG is trying to finish his Topps and Bowman run, as well '41 Double-Play, 60s Post sets, 70s Hostess sets, some OPC, card that are used to play games, and any Carlton Fisk items are always appreciated.
Erik Greenwood    (OBC Member since 5/00)  e-mail   wantlist   T206, T200, Diamond Stars, Type Cards, blank/wrong backs, miscuts, HOF, N3, N21, N31, T113, T70, 50 Bowman Wild Man, and about a dozen players
Randy Griffin    (OBC Member since 5/99)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball and Football sets up to 1980. A collector of San Francisco Giant or NY Giant memorabilia.
---- H ----
John Harrell    (OBC Member since 11/97)  e-mail   wantlist   T205,1932 US Caramel,George C. Miller,Sport Kings,1934-36 Batter Up,R312 pastel premiums,1936 Maranville How To folders,,1941 Double Play,Bowman 48-53 & 55 ,Fleer 59,Topps 52,53,57,60-67
Steve Hitzeman    (OBC Member since )  e-mail   wantlist  
Mark Holland    (OBC Member since 8/04)  e-mail   wantlist   Any condition appreciated: Topps Baseball 51 blue back, 52-71 Topps base sets, 55 Bowman, 75 & 77 Hostess, 70 Transogram & 70 Kelloggs. Type Card Collection: 1 card from each pre 1970 set.
Tom Housley    (OBC Member since 12/02)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps 1952-67, Bowman 1948-1953, Fleer 1959-1963, Kellogg's 1970-1977, any pre-war; Topps & Philadelphia football to 1967; Topps hockey 1968-1973; Topps basketball 1969-1973.
Andy Huntoon    (OBC Member since 11/20/2012)  e-mail   wantlist   T205 NY Giants, T206 w/ backstamps, Topps - 54, 66, 70-79, 77 Cloth, 64 Giants, 68 Game, Starting to work on 50's & 60's. I like all conditions but prefer vintage with character (VG or lesser)
Ed Hutchinson    (OBC Member since 08/22/2014)  e-mail   wantlist   34-36 Batter Up, 51 Blue Backs, 59, 64 Topps BB. 64 Topps Giants and Coins 72 Topps Hi# FB, 67 Philly, plus tons more sets and oddball issues. Always willing to start new stuff!
---- I ----
Joe Isaac    (OBC Member since 5/2002)  e-mail   wantlist   50s and 60s Topps baseball
Peter Iversen    (OBC Member since 1991)  e-mail   wantlist   T205, Pre-War & 1952 Topps Horizontal Cards, any 1953 card, 1956 Gray Back, 1971, 1972 Topps Baseball, 1955 Bowman Baseball, 1962 Topps Venezuelean, 1961 Parkhurst and Topps Hockey, 1970 OPC Hockey All Stars, Van Lingle Mungo collection, ALL pre-1980 Dodg
---- J ----
Rick Johnson    (OBC Member since 12/22/06)  e-mail   wantlist   My first goal is to comple the Topps run with the remaining cards needed in 1952. Unfortunately, I not sure I will ever complete the high numbers. I am also working on Topps inserts, O-Pee-Chee and Bowman cards along with Chemtoy Superballs.
---- K ----
Rick Keating    (OBC Member since 1/92)  e-mail   wantlist   '54, '56, '60, '65, '71-'75 Topps, any Cardinals.
Earl Kilbourn    (OBC Member since 10/01)  e-mail   wantlist   Detroit Tigers cards, Charlie Maxwell memorabilia.
---- L ----
Richard Labs    (OBC Member since 2008-04-22)  e-mail   wantlist   any cards - any condition
John Leroux    (OBC Member since 2/03)  e-mail   wantlist   Any condition accepted. I am working on a variety of sets, including (all Topps) 1958, 1960, 1962, 1964, 1966 and 1967 and a few 1970's football sets and I have added two new sets. The 1955 Bowman baseball, and 1956 Topps Baseball
Joshua Levine    (OBC Member since 12/91)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-'73 Phillies, '71 Topps, pre-'80 star cards in any condition. t-205s, diamond stars
Brian Lindholme    (OBC Member since 7/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Mostly Pre-war tobacco and Caramel Cards. 1952-1979 Topps Run. HOF cards
Ray Luurs    (OBC Member since 9/00)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-1980 Baseball cards.
Rick Lyons    (OBC Member since 7/15/07)  e-mail   wantlist   My main interests are 50's Topps and Bowman, 68 OPC posters,Topps inserts any oddball sets, added a few pre-war,football and basketball
---- M ----
Mike Mackie    (OBC Member since 09/08/11)  e-mail   wantlist   Collects a a wide variety of cards and sets, primarily baseball. Working on several special collections, including a Topps Milwaukee Brewers run for my son.
Mark Macrae    (OBC Member since 9/99)  e-mail 
Bill Malson    (OBC Member since 4/95)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps baseball sets '58-'62, '66 + '73, Indians '48-'74, Football Bowman '55 and Topps'58-'61, T206 Cleveland, Goudey Indians.
Gary Mandell    (OBC Member since 10/01)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball: Topps 52 mantle, 66 rub offs upgrade, variations from many years. 63 Post and Jello. Goudey 33&34. Topps 65 FB. 64-66 FB and 67-68 BB coke caps. Anything 1990.
Kevin Martens    (OBC Member since 7/98)  e-mail   wantlist   1950-1973 Baseball cards and Mets cards
Sean McGowan    (OBC Member since 4/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps '51,'52, Bowman '48-'55 , 1933 Goudey, current Topps, Cal Ripken, 1952 topps look-and-see, '65 and '71 football.
John McLaughlin    (OBC Member since 12/93)  e-mail   wantlist   Any Tigers, especially Al Kaline, Norm Cash and Mark Fidrych,'55-current Topps, '53 Bowman (Color). Pocket Schedules.
Peter Mead    (OBC Member since 9/02)  e-mail   wantlist   T205s, mid-50's and 60's food and other regional issues. Type cards, pre-war--Post, Jellos, and other oddball sets. 1963 Fleer and Stancroft football as well.
Greg Miller    (OBC Member since 11/99)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball, basketball, football and hockey sets '50s-'70s.
Lynn Miller    (OBC Member since 12/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps Regular Sets, Hank Aaron.
James Moleta    (OBC Member since 2/98)  e-mail   wantlist   Anything prewar through 1960, specifically including 33 Goudey, 40 Play Ball, 49 & 52 Bowman, 49-50 Remar, 51 Topps Bluebacks, 60 Leaf, 59-60 Topps, 75 Topps Mini, 56 & 60 Topps back vars & 58 Topps Yellows
George Moore    (OBC Member since 12/91)  e-mail   wantlist   George Kell Cards, Hopalong Cassidy Cards, 1948 Leaf (Boxing, Football, Baseball)
Howard Morgan    (OBC Member since 11/95)  e-mail   wantlist   T-3s, T207s, Harper Weekly woodprints and oddball Phillies memorabilia.
Ken Morganti    (OBC Member since 6/96)  e-mail   wantlist   BASEBALL: T205's with Polar Bear backs; Bowman, Red Man and Kellogg's variations; '60 Topps, Hostess and Burger King; FOOTBALL: '54 Bowman
Mike Mroz    (OBC Member since 07/07)  e-mail   wantlist   1951-72 Topps, 1960-63 Fleer, 1950-55 Bowman, 1934-36 Diamond Stars, Kellogg's & Hostess, pre-1970 Hockey, pre-1980 Football & Basketball, Mickey Stanley & Kiki Cuyler items.
Carl Mura    (OBC Member since 10/96)  e-mail   wantlist   Any prewar cards including boxing. 50 B, 57-63 T, 65 T. Earlier issues Delongs, any T's or E's (except T201). Detroit Tigers fan.
---- N ----
Bob Neill    (OBC Member since 10/91)  e-mail   wantlist   Post and Jello sets, Armour and Salada coins
Jeffrey and Michael Newman    (OBC Member since April, 2005)  e-mail   wantlist   Focusing on 1956 and 1965-1969 Topps, especially 1967. Also collecting all Topps sets 1979 and prior. We love the oddball stuff!
Rich Niessen    (OBC Member since 09/11/08)  e-mail   wantlist  
---- O ----
---- P ----
Chuck Paris    (OBC Member since 12/97)  e-mail   wantlist   T206's, T205's, 1935 Goudey's, Pre-war type cards, sets from the 50's to the mid-60's ,and Al Kaline.
Jimmy Parker    (OBC Member since 05/00)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps issues 1972 - Present, 1956 Topps, 1959 Topps, Dale Murphy oddballs and memorabilia, Braves memorabilia, Tom Brewer items
Nick Pelletier    (OBC Member since 2011-11-30)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps, Goudey,T-206 Pre-1951 Washington Senators.
Ron Perry    (OBC Member since 6/94)  e-mail   wantlist   Any cards from my want list especially those from my Top Ten.
Ed Pike    (OBC Member since 1/97)  e-mail   wantlist   1952, 1953, and the big guys for 1955 Topps. Also hockey cards and track and field cards, both vintage and more recent sets.
Ken Pillion    (OBC Member since 9/17/08)  e-mail   wantlist   Like most other OBC'ers I'm trying to collect every card ever made. But realalistly looking at Topps sets from 51 on up plus inserts. Also the oddball Fleer sets from the 60s and 70s.
Patrick Prickett    (OBC Member since 06/03/2013)  e-mail   wantlist  
Dave Purdham    (OBC Member since 5/99)  e-mail   wantlist   '62 -'70 Topps sets.
---- Q ----
---- R ----
Grant Rainsley    (OBC Member since 12/97)  e-mail   wantlist   '55B, '56T, '57T, '67T, Post Canadian. Home of the Offical Billy Hoeft Fan Club.
Bob Reed    (OBC Member since 3/98)  e-mail   wantlist   '50s baseball and some football.
Don Rice    (OBC Member since 8/04)  e-mail   wantlist   All sports and some non-sport from 1948 to 1979, including food issues, oddballs, Coke caps, and inserts. Added hittable 1950s & 60s "OBC-only" sets in late 2007 to spur some trading action. Also dipping toes in Pre-War waters.
Mike Rich    (OBC Member since 6/00)  e-mail   wantlist   Collects all 4 major sports and multi-sport sets such as Berk Ross & Wheaties. Loves variations & oddballs such as Coke caps, Salada Coins & trying to make headway on prewar issues.
Steve Rittenberg    (OBC Member since 2/98)  e-mail   wantlist   Older sets, Red Sox, non-sports.
Richard Robinson    (OBC Member since 3/01)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball and football cards from the 1950's.
Mike Rumley-Wells    (OBC Member since 3/08)  e-mail   wantlist   1950 to 1955 Bowman, 1952 to 1980 Topps Baseball
---- S ----
Chuck Salek    (OBC Member since 10/24/2012)  e-mail   wantlist   Baseball 1951 - 1979, with emphasis on Topps 1955 - 1967
Bob Saxton    (OBC Member since 11/99)  e-mail   wantlist   '53-'55 Bowman, '53-'58 Topps, '60s Fleer, autographed '50s Sport magazine photos of baseball players.
Taylor Schock    (OBC Member since 2012-06-27)  e-mail   wantlist   Completing Topps sets pre-1969 as well as non-sports, some football and basketball, and just getting into pre-war cards.
Ed Schott    (OBC Member since 10/01)  e-mail   wantlist   Baltimore Orioles and Colts,TOPPS sets '65 any Brooks or Frank Robinson Jim Palmer Eddie Murray Boog Powell Earl Weaver Luis Aparicio Paul Blair Jim Gentile Johnny Unitas Lenny Moore Raymond Berry (UV or vintage)
Wes Shepard    (OBC Member since 04/05/2012)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps-Bowman-Post-Jello. Pre-War Cincinnati Reds. Tallboys. Any condition
Aaron Shirley    (OBC Member since 11/30/2005)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps, Hostess, Lew Brockett, Bart Shirley, cards of the 500HR club, and several others!
Jim Silva    (OBC Member since 1998)  e-mail   wantlist  
Jeff Sinclair    (OBC Member since 5/01)  e-mail   wantlist   1957-1979 Topps
Shawn Smart    (OBC Member since 1/24/2013)  e-mail   wantlist   Vintage and some UV, and as many "Tipton" condition cards as possible.
John Stamper    (OBC Member since 6/23/08)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps 51-77 and Inserts, Bowman 48-55, Fleer 59-63 70-74, Kellogg's, Hostess, Post, Leaf 1960, OPC 65-80, Type Cards, 1941 Playball, 1949 MP&Co.
John Storman    (OBC Member since 12/00)  e-mail   wantlist  
Keith Summers    (OBC Member since 11/91)  e-mail   wantlist   As of 05-04-14: ANY YR/ANY QTY/ANY COND/ANY ITEM of these 4 guys: Ed Summers [1909-13], Bill Summers [1955 Bowman Ump #317], Ollie Brown [1966-78 especially 1966 Topps #524 & 1970 Topps Super #36] and Jim Nash [1967-73 especially 71 Topps #306].
---- T ----
Mark Talbot    (OBC Member since 7/00)  e-mail   wantlist   All "oddball" baseball issues. Topps, Bowman and Fleer Vintage Baseball. Many pre-war issues as well as vintage Football, Basketball and Hockey cards.
Sam Taylor    (OBC Member since 09/03/2013)  e-mail   wantlist   My collection is Ex+, from 1954 up, but will take virtually any condition for 1952 Hi No's or any prewar Detroit Tiger.
Jimi Thayer    (OBC Member since 3/24/2014)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps Run 1951 - 1980; HOF collector; Type Card Collector and Prewar cards
Larry Tipton    (OBC Member since 12/91)  e-mail   wantlist   baseball football basketball hockey and non-sports cards in ANY condition!
Jay Tysver    (OBC Member since 1/25/2015)  e-mail   wantlist   Pre-war anything. BB-Topps until 1980 all oddball also, BkB- Early Bowmans, 50s Topps, 60s Fleer, 70s Topps and Oddball, FB- 50s, 60s,70s Topps, Hky- 60s, 70s Topps
---- U ----
---- V ----
T.J. Valacak    (OBC Member since August 2005)  e-mail   wantlist   I am collecting Topps sets from 51-67 as well as some of the Topps inserts and oddballs, Bowmans, Fleer, and Goudeys. Any pre war Red Sox and White Sox. I have also added OPC.
George Vrechek    (OBC Member since 5/99)  e-mail   wantlist   Trying to increase the number of cards I have in all sports. Goal is 53,000 vintage singles.
---- W ----
Geno Wagner    (OBC Member since 6/95)  e-mail   wantlist   T202, T205, T206, Joe Tinker, and Dick Hoblitzell cards
Father Pat Wattigny    (OBC Member since 9/03)  e-mail   wantlist   Topps 1951-, Bowman 1948-55, Post and Kellogg's 60's-80's, Steve Garvey, Jim Kaat, Tommy John, Manny Mota, Phil Niekro, Bill Russell, Yaz, Elmer Valo and Gus Zernial.
Ed Watts    (OBC Member since 12/25/10)  e-mail   wantlist   I collect 1953-67 Topps base sets, 1951 Bowman, 1933 Goudey, 1934-36 Diamond Stars, and 1941 Playball. My favorite teams are the Mets and the NY Giants. Favorite players are Rusty Staub, Craig Anderson, Steve Hamilton, Ed Kranepool, and Willie Mays.
Brandon Wax    (OBC Member since 01/18/14)  e-mail   wantlist   Various 50's and 60's Topps sets, some bowman. Football and baseball. Always interested in former LSU players- Maravich, YA Tittle, Jim Taylor, and Billy Cannon.
Randy Welk    (OBC Member since 6/10/09)  e-mail   wantlist   All Vintage Topps and Bowman sets. Also, Any NY or SF Giants cards of any set
Marshall West    (OBC Member since 11/96)  e-mail   wantlist   '52B small FB; '62 Venezuelan BB; '63T BB, Post or Post-Canadian FB; early 70's Topps BB; Post/Post-Canadian or Jello BB; Utah Jazz and Utah Stars, Fred Sanford BB cards
Jeff Whitworth    (OBC Member since 07/28/08)  e-mail   wantlist   '50s-'60s baseball, '70s football, '70s basketball, and autographs of '50s and '60s players
Jim Wiehe    (OBC Member since 9/92)  e-mail   wantlist   '50s-'70s baseball and football, non-sport type cards, Twins and Vikings.
Mac Wubben    (OBC Member since 6/98)  e-mail   wantlist   Type Set, Misc Pre-War, Topps/Bowman 48-80. Billy Southworth, Nap Lajoie
---- X ----
---- Y ----
Matt Yudt    (OBC Member since 2/7/11)  e-mail   wantlist   Pursuing the Topps baseball run from 52-79. Also collect old Bowmans, Kellogs, Post/Jello, and a many other misc. sets. Also interested in most anything Philadelphia (Phillies or A's - 1883 to Present)
---- Z ----
Mark Zentkovich    (OBC Member since 2/97)  e-mail   wantlist   Redskins, 70s kelloggs baseball, some Cardinals, 61,70 sets, 73,75 upgrades, 77
Larry Zurawski    (OBC Member since 10/96)  e-mail   wantlist   '50s thru '70s baseball
---- In Memory Of ----
Kent Montgomery
Chris Stufflestreet  Chris blog page  
Ryan Distelrath
Terry Dietrick
David Kolenda
Kevin Lohse
Bob "ZZ" Miller
Rick Redpath   family e-mail   tribute  
John Ball III

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This server is used to post trading card needs or items that you have to send out, though "waiver wires" are also posted on the Ramblings server. Postings on this server can often spark incoming cardboard so be prepared. Please note that this server is used to post want lists for VINTAGE items considered 1980 and earlier and that it is not used to sell items you may be selling. Getting set up on this server is not required but it is recommended.


This server is used to discuss everything and anything about cards that were produced after 1980. Posting thanks, ramblings and want lists are routine on this server and it is used by those who have an interest in newer materials. OBC is an organization based on our love of "old baseball cards" but this medium allows an outlet for those in the group who also enjoy UV material. If you plan on “chatting” about Post 1980 material this is the place to do it and not the Ramblings server that is reserved for VINTAGE conversations. Getting set up on this server is only recommended for those who wish to discuss newer material.

Now that you have an overview of the email groups you need to get set up on the email group servers. Please decide the groups that interest you and go to these links, once there find the join group tab and click it.

  • Announcements - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OBC-Announcements/
  • Ramblings - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OBC-Ramblings/
  • Thanks - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OBC-Thanks/
  • Wantlists - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OBC-Wantlist/
  • UV stuff - http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/uvlist/

Repeat this process for every group you wish to receive messages from and remember that you MUST be signed up for the ANNOUNCEMENTS server. When you have completed the "application" to the servers you will be approved within 48 hours and will start to receive emails. You will need a Yahoo account and will be prompted as such when you first try to access these URL's. If you have questions or problems with this process contact Mark at talbot1@comcast.net .

There are a few additional email groups that many OBC member belong to but are not sanctioned by OBC; they are the NATIONAL server where discussions on the National Baseball Card Convention are entertained, the VARIATIONS server where trading card variations are discussed, and the OPC-CENTRAL server where Canadian trading cards are discussed. If interested in these then follow the links below and the owner or moderators of those groups approve you.

Bob Reed is the owner of the National email server, here is the link:
National - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/OBC-National/

George Vrechek and Taylor Schock are moderators of the variations group, here is the link:
Variations - http://groups.yahoo.com/group/card-variations/

Dan Austin is the owner of OPC-Central, here is the link:
OPC-Central - http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/opc-central/

GOOD LUCK and don't be afraid to ask questions if you have any problems getting yourself set up.

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