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OBC Message Board Discontinued

The OBC Advisory Board has decided to decommission and discontinue the use of the OBC Message Board facility. For several years, we've been making use of a freeware message board hosting service called "eboards4all" which is supported by intrusive advertising banners and was a basically effective strategy in the 20th century. However, there are several security exposures which we as a group have very little control over. The latest annoyance has been a daily dose of automated spam messages which randomly change the IP address (which identifies a specific computer location on the Web). These spam messages have clogged up the message board to the point of it being more trouble than it is worth.

We sincerely appreciate your participation and contributions to the OBC Message Board. For those who wish to continue online discussion participation, our favorite recommendation is Network 54, which features lively, moderated discussion, and there are knowledgeable experts who participate frequently on that board.

OBC is dedicated to the innocence of our youth when collecting was a hobby.

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