Sports Card Set Checklists
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1910 1910 Military Series (T80)
Adjutant General U.S.
Algerian Cavalry France
Alpine Trooper France
Brigadier General U.S.A.
Captain Subsistence Dept. U.S.
Cavalry Officer France
Cavalry Officer Turkey
Chief Of Artillery Brigadier Gen. U.S.
Col. Of The General Staff Cavalry
Colonel Of Infantry U.S.
Commander In Chief Austria
Commander In Chief England
Commander In Chief France
Commander In Chief Italy
Commander In Chief Turkey
Corporal Infantry U.S.
Drummer Infantry Russia
E. Corps Tel. Ser. Japan
General Germany
German Colonial Trooper
Hussar Austria
Hussar Officer England
Hussar Russia
Inspector General U.S.
Italian Abyssinian Infantry
Italian Infantry Foreign Service
Lieut. Col. Quartermaster Dept. U.S.
Lieutenant-General U.S. (khaki)
Lieutenant General U.S. (blue)
Life Guards Officer England
M. Infantry Swiss
Macedonian Trooper Turkey
Major Signal Corps U.S.
Mounted Infantry China
Officer Royal Indian Guard
Private Coast Artillery U.S.
Private Infantry Russia
Private Infantry U.S.
Private Signal Corps U.S.
Russian Engineers Corps
Scotch Highlander England
Scots Guard Drum Major England
Scottish Refles Riper England
Sergeant Cavalry U.S.
Sergeant Major Infantry U.S.
Troop A.N.Y.S.M.
Trumpeter Of Cavalry U.S. (blue)
Trumpeter Of Cavalry U.S. (khaki)
U.S. Cadet
Zouave France