Sports Card Set Checklists
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1909 1909 Cowboy Series (T53)
A Balky Pupil
A Buck Hero
A Bucking Bronco
A Close Call
A Cowboy Race
A Half Breed
A Long Shot
A Lucky Bag
A Parting Shot
An Old Time Cowboy
At The Theater
Branding A Calf
Cowboy Courtship
Darning His Socks
Driving Out The Horse Herd
Evening On The Prairie
Fighting The Prairie Fire
Fording The River
Getting The Horse Thief
Hands Up
Heading A Stampede
Helping The Sheriff
Her Picture
His Best Friend
His Favorite Brand
Hurdling The Corral
Lassoing A Grizzly
Making A Tender Foot Dance
Man Eater
On The Hunt
On The Move
Picking Up The Handkerchief
Playing Crack Loo
Putting On The Blind
Queen Of The Ranch
Repairing A Break
Riding A Buffalo
Riding A Steer
Roping A Steer
Roping And Typing
Rounding Up
Shooting Up The Town
Skinning A Buffalo
The Lariat Dance
The Maverick
The Overland Mail
Throwing A Steer
Throwing The Lasso
Touching Leather