Sports Card Set Checklists
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1900 1900 American Tobacco Co. Views (T430)
Algiers. Mosque Sidi
Algiers. The Palm-Alley
Amsterdam. Central-Depot
Amsterdam. The Groenburgwal
Amsterdam. The New Market
Amsterdam. The Royal Castle
Athens. Panorama
Athens. The Acropolis
Athens. The Olympeion
Berlin. Monument Of Frederick William Iii
Berlin. Royal Theater Schiller Monument
Berlin. The Alexander-Palace
Berlin. The Arsenal
Berlin. The Brandenberger
Berlin. The Royal Castle
Bremen. Central Depot
Bremen. The Cathedral
Bremen. The German Bank
Bremen. The Trading House
Cairo. Street In Old Cairo
Cairo. The Pyramid Sphinx
Calcutta. Eden-Gardens
Chicago. City-Hall
Chicago. The Auditorium
Chicago. Washington House
Cologne. Emperor William Bridge
Cologne. The Dome
Cologne. The Monument Of Moltke
Cologne. The Station Square
Constantinople. Panorama
Constantinople. Port And Bosphorus
Constantinople. The Church Sophy
Constantinople. The Gate Of Castle
Dresden. The Church Of Our Lady
Dresden. The Ministry Of Finances
Dresden. The Picture Gallery
Dresden. The Royal Theatre
Exeter. Panorama
Exhibit 1900. Water Palace
Exhibition 1900. Perspective View
Exhibition 1900. The German Pavilion
Florence. Palais Pitti
Florence. The Old Bridge
Florence. The Porta Romana
Frankfort. The Opera-House
Frankfort. The Palace Of Justice
Hamburgh. The Exchange
Hamburgh. The Free-Port
Hamburgh. The New Post Office
Hamburgh. The St. Catharine Church
Havre. Place Gambetta And Theatre
Havre. View Of The Fort St. Adresse
Henley. Regatta
Japon. (sic) Bronze-Statue Of Budda Kamakura
Jerusalem. Panorama
Jerusalem. The Port Of Damascus
Kenilworth Castle
Lahor. The Tomb Of Randschit Singh
Liverpool. General Landing Bridge
Liverpool. Lime Street
Liverpool. The City-Hall
London. Hyde Park Corner
London. St. Paul's Cathedral
London. The Houses Of Parliament
London. The Tower
London. The Towerbridge
London. Trafalgar-Square
London. Westminster Abbey
Madras. The Government Building
Maidenhead. Boulters Lock
Manchester. Cathedral From The South Side
Mexico. The Monument Of Columbus
Mexico. View From The Cathedral
Milan. The Cathedral
Moscow. The Imperial Palace
Moscow. The Kreml (sic) Panorama
Naples. Panorama
Naples. Puzzuoli
Neuschwanstein. Panorama
Neuschwanstein. The Bed-Room
Neuschwanstein. The Throne-Hall
New-York. Broadway
New-York. Central Parc (sic)
New-York. City-Hall
New-York. The General-Post Office
New-York. The Monument Of Washington
Nuremburg. The Kingstreet
Nuremburg. The Monument Of Durer
Nuremburg. Women's Gate
Oxford. All Soul's College
Oxford. Christchurch College
Pagoda At Shanghai
Paris. Avenue De L'opera
Paris. Avenue Du Bois De Boulogne
Paris. Church Of St. Madeleine
Paris. Exhibit 1900. Pavilion Of The United States
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Bridge Alexander Iii
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Esplanade
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Gate Of Palace
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Grand Palace
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Little Palace Front
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Monumental Gate
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Palace Of The Industrial Arts
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Panorama Of The Champ De Mars
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Panorama Of The Palaces
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Panorama Of The Right Embankment
Paris. Exhibition 1900. Whole View
Paris. Exhibition 1990. The Algerian Pavilion
Paris. Place Vendome Comlumn
Paris. The Arc De Triomphe
Paris. The Church Of Notre Dame
Paris. The Eifel-Tower
Paris. The Nine Bridges
Paris. The Opera-Hall
Paris. The Pantheon
Paris. The Tomb Of Napoleon
Paris. Trocadero
Peking. The Imperial Palace
Pisa. Cathedral-Place
Pisa. View Of The City
Pompei. Forum Civile (sic)
Pompei. Strada Di Mercurio
Pompei. The Ampitheatre
Rome. Saint Peter's Church
Rome. The Capitol
Rome. The Vatican
Rotterdam. The Port Of Delft
Rotterdam. The Quai Of The Leure
Rotterdam. The River Maas
Rouen. Monument Of Jeanne D'arc
Rouen. Panorama
Rouen. The Law Court
Rouen. The Tower Of Jeanne D'arc
St. Petersburgh. The Exchange
St. Petersburgh. The Marble-Palace
St. Petersburgh. The Monument Of Catharine Ii
St. Petersburgh. The Monument Of Peter The Great
Stratford. The House Where Shakespeare Was Born
Stratford. Trinity-Church
The Tomb Of The First Emperor Of The Dynasty Ming
Tunis. The Porte De France
Venice. Canale Grande
Venice. Panorama From The South
Venice. St. Mark's Place
Vienna. The Castle Of Schoenbrunn
Vienna. The Exchange
Vienna. The Operahall
Vienna. The Stephen's Dome
York. The Minister And Bootham Bar