Sports Card Set Checklists
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1891 1891 Allen and Ginter Prize and Game Chickens (N20)
American Light Brahma
Andalusian Cock
Ayam Jallak Malay Game Cock
Black-Breasted Red Game Cock
Black-Breasted Red Game Hen
Black Frizzled Fowl
Black Hamburgh
Black Minorca Fowl
Black Red Game Bantams
Brown-Breasted Red Game Cock
Brown Leghorn
Buff Cochin China Cock
Buff Cochin China Hen
Creve-Coeur Hen
Dark Brahma Cockerel
Derbyshire Red Cap
Duckwing Game Fowl
Gold-Laced Bantam
Golden-Pencilled Hamburgh
Golden-Spangled Hamburgh Cock
Guinea Fowl
Henny Game
Houdan Cock
Japanese Bantam
La Fleche Hen
Malay Cock
Partridge Cochin Cock
Partridge Cochin Hen
Pile Game Cock
Pile Game Hen
Plymouth Rock
Rose-Combed Dorking Cock
Silky Cock
Silky Hen
Silver-Grey Dorking Hen
Silver-Pencilled Hamburgh
Silver-Spangled Hamburgh
Silver-Spangled Polish
Sultan Fowl
Wheaten Game Hen
White-Crested Black Polish
White-Faced Bl. Spanish Hen
White-Faced Bl Spanish Cock
White Cochin Cock
White Dorking Hen
White Leghorn Hen
White Plymouth Rock
Wyandotte Cock Silver Laced