Sports Card Set Checklists
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1890 1890 Duke Cigarettes Terrors of America (N88)
A Great Big Bite
Ain't She A Beauty
Before Election
Der's A Stunt For Yer
Election Night
Extra Extra
Fishing Help
Get Off There Do You Think I'm A Feather Bed
Get Onto Me Spread De Eagle
Get Onto The Dude
Here's My Maud S.
Hide And Seek
Hit A Feller Yer
I'm De Boss Of De Gang You'se Kin Bet
I'm De Boss Whistler On The Block
I Didn't Steal No Apples Mister
I Save Yer The Core
In The First Class
Kite Time Great Scott But She's A Pullin
Let Her Go Slow Gallagher
Line Up Back There
Marbles Knuckle Down Shoot Hard Across The Box
Missus Lem'me Clean It For A Quarter
Oh If I Ketch
Out In Left-Field
Out On First
Playing Buffalo Bill Just See Me Lassoo The Dude
Please Come Home At Once Dicky
Pot A Boilin
Saturday Afternoon And Me A Playin' Nurse
Say Fellars Them's Me New Duds
Say Stop De Game Me Galluses Is Gone Wrong
Say Yous Fellows
Snow Balling
Swimming Cheese It The Cop Fellars
Tappy-On-The-Window-Pane This'll Scare Em Sick
Thanksgiving Day
The Boss Fighter
The Boss Short-Stop
The Catcher
The Figure Eight
The Pitcher Just Watch Me Twist It
The Umpire
Tug Of War Pull Now Boys Altogether
Watch Him Kick It
Watch Me Hit Him Watch Him Hit Me
What A Find Six Blades And Bran' New
Wid Me One Hand