Sports Card Set Checklists
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1889 1889 Duke Cigarettes Fancy Dress Ball Costumes (N73)
A Bundle Of Sweetness
Bats And Rats
Clear The Track
Light And Shade
Pride Of The Garden
Queen Of The Ball
Queen Of The Fleet
Queen Of The Vineyard
Sweet Peas
The Apothecary's Maid
The Bugler
The Butterfly
The Chanticleer
The Charmer
The Conch Shell
The Daughter Of The Regiment
The Duchess
The Fire Lassie
The Fisher Maiden
The Fruiteress
The Garden Fairy
The Glorious Fourth
The Harvest Queen
The Honey Bee
The Humming Bird
The Humming Top
The Huntress
The Kitchen Belle
The Kite
The Little Housewife
The Morning Glory
The Opera
The Pansy
The Paroquet
The Pipe Of Peace
The Rosebud
The Sea Nymph
The Seaside Belle
The Strawberry
The Sunflower
The Terrapin
The Tiger Lily
The Water Lily
The Watermelon
The Weaver
What's The Ante