Sports Card Set Checklists
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1961 Fleer Magic Message Blue Inser
1 When was the first
2 Which school was
3 What famous coach was
4 Which college coach
5 What is meant by two
6 When was the only
7 What is a Sudden
8 What is the longest
9 What famous Colorado
10 What Michigan All-
11 The North-South game
12 The Army-Navy game has
13 What slugging major
14 What All-Americans were
15 Which team was called
16 When was the first
17 What is the record
18 What is the longest
19 Who was the first
20 Which team was the
21 Who was the first
22 When was the first
23 What is the longest
24 What is the origin of
25 What player was
26 What is the record
27 What player ran the
28 When was the first
29 When and by whom was
30 When was the forward
31 What was the first
32 When was the first
33 Where is the Football
34 Who were the Four
35 When was the first
36 Who holds the record
37 Who was known as the
38 Has the Rose Bowl
39 Which team featured
40 Where and when was the