Sports Card Set Checklists
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1923 Cope Brothers and Co. Golf Strokes
1 Harry Vardon-Top Of Swing-Half Iron Shot
2 Harry Vardon-Finish Swing After Drive
3 Harry Vardon-Stance After Drive
4 Harry Vardon-Feet At Top Of Wooden Club Swing
5 Harry Vardon-Top Of Swing Brassie Shot
6 Harry Vardon-Top Of Swing-Full Iron Shot
7 Harry Vardon-Finish Swing-Full Iron Shot
8 Harry Vardon-Top Of Swing-Mashie Shot
9 Harry Vardon-Finish Of Drive With Wooden Club
10 Abe Mitchell-Gripping The Club
11 Abe Mitchell-Grip At Finish Of Swing
12 Abe Mitchell-Addressing Ball For Careful Put
13 Abe Mitchell-Top Of Swing-Half Iron Shot
14 Abe Mitchell-Finish Of Full Mashie Shot
15 Abe Mitchell-Top Of Swing-Full Mashie Shot
16 Abe Mitchell-Full Cleek Shot Out Of Grass
17 George Duncan-Grip At Top Of Swing
18 George Duncan-Top Of Swing For A Full Drive
19 George Duncan-Finish Of The Swing
20 George Duncan-Stance At Top Of Swing
21 George Duncan-Finish Of The Swing
22 J.H. Taylor-Addressing The Ball
23 J.H. Taylor-Grip At Top Swing
24 J.H. Taylor-Top Of Swing For A Drive
25 J.H. Taylor-A Chip Mashie Shot
26 J.H. Taylor-Playing A Mashie Shot
27 J.H. Taylor-Finish Of The Swing
28 J.H. Taylor-Top Of Swing For A Full Drive
29 Edward Ray-Mashie Iron-Addressing The Ball
30 Edward Ray-Mashie Iron-Top Of Swing
31 Edward Ray-Mashie Iron-Finish Of Stroke
32 Edward Ray-Top Of Swing-Mashie Shot